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Photo - Tomos Nolan

Photo – Tomos Nolan

ON FRIDAY, members of ASM gathered together in Pier Brasserie to celebrate everything we’ve produced in the last year. 

What follows below is a rundown of all the winners, as well as the runners up (where applicable!)

On a personal note, I’d like to say congratulations – not just to the winners, but to everyone’s who’s contributed this year, anything from a photo to a seemingly endless tirade of articles.

And… thank you. Good luck next year.

Article Awards

Best Arts ArticleDiana: Compelling our hands to our faces by Dan Abbott and Poppy Tester

Shortlisted: Cheap and cheerful: the best of Indie Gaming by Laura Say and Joe Fairweather &  Lego Movie: A love letter to a toy company by Jozef Raczka

Best Features Article – Farm life in the pyrenees: blood, toil, tears, sweat and a fair bit of pork by Tom Davies

Shortlisted: Bolivia: an adventure traveller’s paradise by Becky Lock, The protecting veil falls for the final time: a Tavener obituary by Alasdair Park & A year abroad: one month in by Illtud Dafydd


The Elections Coverage team – Tomos Nolan

Best Lifestyle Article – Top 5 loan-blowing purchases by Ed Cullen

Shortlisted: Halloween pandas and the Courier by Aisling Gallagher & The Pill is just not meant for some women, so why do doctors put so much pressure for us to go on it? by Eve Greenow

Best News Article – Elections ’14 Coverage

Shortlisted: Aberystwyth seafront and town centre to be immediately evacuated ahead of storms by Laura Say & Graduation at risk due to UCU marking boycott by Kisha Matthew

Best Opinion Article – Pantycelyn: Let’s get it sorted before this fence starts chafing by Ed Cullen

Shortlisted: Lecturers aren’t commodities, the University is not a factory by Greg Dash & Harry Bird & When sports meets politics: blurred lines by Sam Meadows

Best Sports Article – Daley’s dive into the unknown: a sad reflection on British society by Alasdair Park

Shortlisted: Tarannau cheerleaders win biggest university competition in Europe by Mitch Rushton & Aber students representing on a national level by Sam Meadows

Best Interview –  Madeline Carr on world travel, career plans and the politics of the Internet by Tom Davies

Shortlisted: Rhuanedd Richards on student politics by Mitch Rushton & Lucy Rose by Nick Robinson (and on Bay Radio)


Bay Radio Awards


Joe Smith, winner of Best Bay Radio presenter – Tomos Nolan

Bay Radio: Best daytime show – Harry and Mitch Live (Harry Taylor & Mitch Rushton)

Runner up – New Wave with Nick, Lauren and Joe (Nick Robinson, Lauren Roberts & Joe Smith)

Bay Radio: Best talk show – The Opinion Show (Ed Cullen, Cameron Smyth, Alasdair Park)

Runner up – Topical MoJoe (Mohammed Sa’ad and Joe Smith)

Bay Radio: Best specialist show – Smash and Quiche (Kisha Matthew and Aisling Gallagher)

Runner up – The Metal Show (Alex Pike and Paddy Chapman)

Bay Radio: Best presenter – Joe Smith

Runner up – Nick Robinson and Jozef Raczka (tied vote)


Bay TV Awards


The winners for best Camera collecting their award from TV Manager Rhian Hughes – Tomos Nolan

Bay TV: Best camera operator – Anastazja Fedorowicz & Malgorzata Hryhorowicz

Bay TV: Best sound operator – Adam Bright

Runner up – Aisling Gallagher

Bay TV: Best Editor – Tom Fears

Runner up – Rachel Hatter

Bay TV: Best presenter – Mitch Rushton

Runner up – Sam Meadows


Member Awards


Katie Saint collecting her Best News Team member award from News Editor Kisha Matthew – Tomos Nolan

Best Photographer – 
Alex Tanton

Runner up – Rebecca James

Best News team member – Katie Saint

Runner up – Nathan Hazlehurst

Best Arts team member – Dan Abbott

Runner up – Jozef Raczka

Best Lifestyle team member – Micky Pixie Dale

Runner up – Eli Myrene Stokkeland

Best Features team member – Marianne Lehnis

Runner up – Harry Taylor

Best Sports team member – Alasdair Park

Runner up – Mitch Rushton

Best Opinion team member – Cameron Smyth

Runner up – Alasdair Park


Dedication Awards


Nick Robinson, winner of the Owain Baglow award for dedication to Bay Radio celebrates with his award – Tomos Nolan

The Owain Baglow Award for Dedication to Radio – Nick Robinson

Ben Meakin: This award is named after one of Bay Radio’s technical managers. Owain Baglow, who sadly passed away, is still known today as one of the most hardworking members in Bay Radio, and ASM’s history.

The winner of this award follows in his footsteps: he’s stepped to run things when the station manager has been away, and as music manager he’s produced consistently brilliant playlists. He has mentored shows, and worked so hard to improve quality. He is always there for members, and is always more than willing to help them and to improve Bay Radio. He cares passionately about every show, and his dedication is felt across ASM.

The Pete Le Riche Award for Outstanding Contribution by a Member of Alumni – Guy Drury

Laura Say: When we first started thinking about this award, I think I knew instantly who I wanted to win. Our alumni are so special: so many of them are still so dedicated to the society and I think that’s a testament on how well we work together, and have done for so many years. I really hope, whoever’s on the committee next year, that I’m allowed to help in whatever small little way. I’m proud, next year, to be joining the ranks of the ASM alumni.

There are so many people who deserve nominations, from everyone who tunes into Bay Radio to those who share an article and everything more. But there can only be one winner – and there is no single person who worked harder, both last year and this year. I know it’s not just me they help with – anyone can send him a message and he’ll always reply. Bay Radio’s gone down? He knows what to do. I’ve broken the website again? It’s cool, he’ll help. Don’t want his advice? Tough.

I doubt we’d have managed to produce what we have managed to, without his support and advice.

Most Dedicated Non Committee Member – Aisling Gallagher

Alex Pike: ASM couldn’t run without its members – no matter how hard the committee work, they literally wouldn’t be capable of doing it without the effort of others. Some have even gone above and beyond what could possibly be expected of just a member. The winner of this award has been a brilliant example of what’s been so fantastic about ASM this year, and she’s fully deserving of the most dedicated member award. She’s put so much time and effort into the society, whether it’s helping late into the night with editing articles or video footage, presenting on Bay TV or organising her award-winning Bay Radio show.

Most Dedicated Committee Member – Rhian Hughes and Kisha Matthew

Mitch Rushton: At one stage or another, there are a lot of committee members who have gone above and beyond what’s expected of them for the society. I can’t express how grateful I am to the whole committee – without you, this year wouldn’t have been anywhere near as successful or enjoyable. Most of you would be absolutely deserving of this award and you should all be very proud of yourselves.

With that in mind, I literally couldn’t choose between two people, so I had no choice but to give the award to both. For me, there’s no way to differentiate between them in terms of how hard they’ve worked.
They’ve been involved in most of ASM’s successes this year, and have contributed to them through working incredibly hard and going above and beyond for the society. Both of them are often first into the office and pretty much always last to leave. I’ve watched them produce amazing work for ASM whilst at the same time doing brilliantly in their degree, and being there to support their friends. They’re inspirational in that they’re two people who are managing to juggle and be successful with many parts of their lives. I’m grateful to have been able to work with them for a year, and I’m lucky to count them both as friends. Their commitment to ASM has been incredible.

DSC_0456Tomos Nolan