Student-led petition calling for April McMahon to resign

AN ABERYSTWYTH student has begun a petition calling for the resignation of Vice Chancellor April McMahon from Aberystwyth University.

Keiron O’Shea, a second year Computer Science student, has said that he begun the petition due to concerns about the “future of both the University and its staff”, stating that VC McMahon is responsible for the institution’s reputation having been “tarnished by recent revelations regarding the management’s treatment of staff”, referring to falling admission numbers and calling on figures from The Complete University Guide, in which Aberystwyth University has dropped 35 places since 2009.

Speaking to Aberystwyth Student Media, O’Shea said, “I started the petition because I am worried about the long term integrity of Aberystwyth University as an institution. Under April McMahon’s leadership the University has fallen greatly in the student rankings, which of course points toward lower student satisfaction.

“I have also created it to give support to the UCU who have recently referred to the Universities management as ‘being run like a dictatorship’, staff should be concentrating on giving us the best possible education – not worried about losing their jobs.”

The petition has gained 357 signatures so far,  since it was posted on Thursday (3rd April).

The full petition can be read below.

‘I am a second year Computer Science student at Aberystwyth University and I am concerned about the long-term future of both the University and its staff.

Aberystwyth University’s institutional reputation has been tarnished by recent revelations regarding the management’s treatment of staff at the University and I believe that it’s detrimental not only to those staff, but also the students.

April’s overall management of the University since her appointment in 2011 has left much to be desired.

According to The Complete University Guide, Aberystwyth ranks a lowly 70/124 in overall scores – down from 45th in 2009. A far cry from the goal of becoming one of the top 30 universities in the UK by 2017.

This has concluded with the falling admissions numbers for this (2013/14) academic year, the news is out there on social media that the Universities management is failing both the students and staff and we as students (and staff) need to change this.

If successful, this petition should help put an end to April McMahon’s dictatorship as Vice Chancellor of Aberystwyth University and give the institution, it’s staff and current/future students new hope of a brighter future.’