varsityTeam Aber have pulled off a comprehensive victory over North Wales rivals Bangor to seal a win in Varsity 2014. The final overall score was 22-13 to Team Aber, although the point’s gap between the teams was unfair on Bangor, who pushed Team Aber all the way.

Three of the fixtures went down to one point, and many more were contested incredibly closely.

Team Aber were most impressive in Men’s Rugby League, in which they grabbed a huge 50-6 win, and both women’s and men’s Rugby Union, with the final scores being 32-0 and 22-3 respectively.

Huge crowds turned out to watch Aber and Bangor clash in the ‘main event’ at the Aber Town Rugby Club. Matt Spicer’s boys turned in an excellent performance and dominated in the scrum and line outs to deliver the 22-3 victory.

Team Aber will be delighted with this victory. A full report will follow on and a ‘Varsity Special’ of The Courier will be available next week.