Superteams 2014: An excellent showcase of Aber’s sporting prowess

IT WAS THAT time of year again last weekend. Campus was swamped with students running around in coloured t-shirts, covered in mud and face paint – it was, of course, time for Superteams. If you don’t know, Superteams is the annual sporting event in which students from around our University organise in teams of ten and compete in various sports and activities. It is a highlight of the sporting calendar for many and is can be a gruelling weekend – with high rewards.

The teams competed in several different sports which included football, volleyball, kayaking and a tug of war. The weekend ended on Sunday with a mystery event which turned out to be an all-terrain obstacle course which the teams had to complete as a team.

23 teams took part in the men’s competition which was won by Love Deuce, who gained 185 points. Love Deuce powered to victory by an incredible score in the bleep test, taking double points for the event and ended with 46 points. They were also impressive in swimming, kayaking and sprinting and came second in the mystery event.

Breast Strokers were very unlucky to finish second as they were only five points behind Love Deuce, with 180 points. Hanse Cronje’s airline betting scandal came third, with 172 points.

In the women’s competition, 25 teams took part and it was Let the Sket see the Ball who were victorious, finishing with an impressive 222 points. The team got 44 points in the bleep test to help them on their way but were also impressive in the gym test, sprinting and kayaking.

AC Power came some way behind with 187 points and were closely followed by Get Wet, Ride Hard, Finish Fast, who came in with 185 points.

ASM spoke to Thomas Jackson, captain of Sets and the City, a team representing the Aber University tennis club. He told us that, “it was a tough, tough weekend but in the end it was so rewarding. A great display of what sports at Aberystwyth have to offer.”

Jackson named the mystery event as his favourite event of the weekend, saying that the organisers had hit the nail on the head with the organisation of the event and stated that he would “definitely take part again if he had the chance.”

Despite being a third year, Jackson may have his wish, as Activities Officer Liv Prewett is planning to introduce an ‘old boys and old girls’ version of the event for next academic year. This is sure to be welcome news for the countless alumni who have taken part in Superteams over the years.

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