The art of decision making

450px-Auguste_Rodin_-_Grubleren_2005-03WHILE you can instantly go for your gut instinct for most decisions, this article is for the choices that will change your life deciding what to do after university or choosing whether to volunteer for a job even if you have a busy schedule. As a result, I would like to use this opportunity to remind you of some of the options you have access to that may prove useful in making that difficult choice.

Flip a coin…

While flipping a coin may seem a bit silly at first, it’s a call for chance to help decide which direction to go. As a bonus, if you flip a coin and are displeased with the results, you know you like the idea of the other decision, and you can rest easily knowing that neither decision will be the completely wrong one. Can be replaced with dice if you have more than two choices.

Pros: Quick, decisive.

Cons: Its effectiveness depends on how easy/hard it is to decide.

A pros and cons list…

Writing a list of the pros and cons of every decision will give you a detailed insight into the consequences of each one. With the visual scope, you can compare the number of pros with the number of cons as a measurement for how good a choice can be, or you can draw out the top three points for every decision and use that to compare.

Pros: Insightful and detailed; at the very least you’ll know more about each decision.

Cons: Time-consuming.

Sleep on it…

It’s a common phrase for a reason: sleeping consolidates memories, and sufficient sleep will lead to a refreshed morning and a much brighter mind. You can then look at the situation with much better clarity.

Pros: Helpful and scientifically proven to help.

Cons: Also time-consuming.

Talk to a friend…

Friends can provide excellent advice regarding a situation. You can talk to your housemates or any other good friend- they’ll help you go through the situation, approaching things from unique angles and viewpoints you may not have previously thought about.

Pros: Insightful, and the more people you talk to the better.

Cons: Depends on the friend’s availability, some decisions are better made by yourself.

Just do it…

If you’ve spent so long thinking of something and no longer have any idea on how to do it, you should just go along with it anyway. The idea is that it’s a new experience and if you choose to do it you have the satisfaction of seizing the day. People always discuss the advantages of saying yes- such a simple word can prove to be life-changing.

Pros: Decisive and encourages new experiences.

Cons: Absolutely useless when you have to choose between two new experiences.


All of these options can be used alongside one another, so if you truly have difficulties deciding how to move forward, then you have a lot of options available to you before you make up your mind.