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Live coverage of the UMCA hustings for candidates running in this year’s 2014 SU Spring Elections.


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TODAY saw the only Question Time Event that UMCA holds for it’s Welsh speaking residence for the candidates running for full-time and part-time positions in this year’s SU Spring Elections. Here is a roundup of what the candidates touched on at the event.

UMCA President Question Time Event with Miriam Williams:

Miriam is the only candidate running for UMCA President. During her Question Time Event, Miriam stated her five main points that make up her manifesto, ‘Promote, Continue, Create, Expand and Fight’. Miriam also stated that she will continue with Mared’s effort (current President of UMCA) of saving Pantycelyn and protecting the interest of the Welsh speaking community. Miriam stressed that her main focus for the following year is to fight to keep Pantycelyn open, however if in the event that Pantycelyn closes, she will continue to promote UMCA to everybody.

Miriam also pledged that she wants to improve the bilingual service that the University currently provides, by implementing a system that can represent those who want to produce work through the medium of Welsh.  During the Question Time Miriam said that we she wishes to do is introduce new officers to UMCA committee for the next academic semester. Miriam also intends to expand ‘RAG week’ events throughout the year, in comparison to the current one-week on the UMCA calendar.

The event moved on to the other candidates running for the positions of  Students’ Union President and Education Officer:

Both Jacob Ellis and Harry Taylor, candidates running for Students’ Union President, were present at the event and both gave a brief outline of their manifestos. In a question proposed by the audience, Jacob and Harry were asked about the notion of UMCA and the Students’ Union working together. They both responded, saying that the Welsh students should have something that ‘represents’ them.

Grace, who is the only candidate running for the Education Officer position, was second to address the audience, and she delivered her speech in Welsh. She said that this year she has secured an improved 24/7 study space in town, trained more academic representatives than ever before, and hosted the first ever policy conference, in addition to running a massive research project to find out what the students want her working on.

Next year, she plans to implement the changes that students have suggested, and hopes to bring back January revision week and more.

No questions were asked to Grace.

The event moved on to the candidates running for Activities Officer:

Candidates Ben Holihead, Matthew Spicer, and Llywelyn Williams were present and described their manifestos.  Both Ben and Llewelyn stated that they wish to improve the use of Welsh language for all sport societies for translation purposes.  All three candidates explained that they wanted to improve training facilities for teams throughout the University, and wanted better promotion of healthy, active living throughout campus.

No questions were asked to the candidates.

The event moved on to question candidates running for the position of Welfare Officer:

Welfare candidates, Will Atkinson, Charlotte Raftery and Hannah Stokes were present at the event, and they briefly described their manifestos.

The Welfare candidates were asked about Student’s Welfare if the Welsh students have to move to Penglais Farm. Hannah stated that she was ‘strongly’ against the cost. She said that the ‘legacy’ of Pantycelyn could disappear if the community is moved.

Charlotte, who answered the audience in Welsh, expressed that the ‘prices make it a privilege to speak Welsh, and it shouldn’t be a privilege.’

Will said that the established community in Pantycelyn can’t be ‘replicated’ anywhere else. He highlighted that there is a need for more communal areas across campus and around town.

The second question proposed to the three candidates was concerning a possible place for the Welsh Language Officer on the Welfare committee.

All three candidates stated that it would be a fantastic idea, and that it should have been introduced some time ago.

The three candidates were also asked how would they look to improve Student Support Services. Hannah, who was the first to answer, stated that a ‘decent’ set-up is already established, however she wants to make it ‘easily available’ for students to find.

Will stated that the Support Service should offer more services such as example counseling.

Charlotte said that there ‘needs to be an improvement on what already exists.’

The final item of the event was the Question Time for the candidate, running unopposed, for Welsh Language Officer, Rhun Dafydd.

Rhun briefly addressed the audience, stating that he wants to make Welsh more noticeable across the Union and Campus, and that he believes that bilingualism shouldn’t be something that is asked for.


For the full detailed manifestos of the aforementioned candidates, click here.

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