Education Officer and UMCA President / Welsh Affairs Officer: The Candidates

TODAY saw the third Question Time event for the full-time officer positions, which featured the candidates running for the position of Education Officer and UMCA President / Welsh Affairs Officer, facing questions from the audience.

Aber Student Media streamed the event live, which is available for playback, as well as live-blog coverage here.

elections-2014-logo-stroke1Both positions had one candidate running unopposed each, both of which were present in the main room earlier this afternoon for the event. The following article will give you a brief run-down of the candidates and their main policies, which they touched on at the event.

Education Officer Question Time Event with running candidate Grace Burton:

Grace is the only candidate running for the position of Education Officer, and is the current incumbent. She has highlighted eight key points from her record as education officer over the last year, these include securing an improved 24/7 study space in town, hosting the Students’ Union’s first ever student policy conference, and piloted a scheme with 1000+ students, letting them provide anonymous course feedback any time they need to.

Should Grace be re-elected, she has pledged to implement several new ideas as well as continuing her work from the previous year. Amongst other things, Grace has pledged to make students’ ideas a reality, using the knowledge she has gained from talking to them over the past year. She would also like to set up a ‘Campus Champion’ award, to give additional recognition to those who make students time in Aber more memorable. Grace would also like to run an accessible timetable project, a modification of one of her policies from last year. In addition to this, Grace wants to see stricter regulation of assessment and feedback dates, more educational events in the Union, and finally would like to bring back the January revision week.

During her Question Time event earlier, Grace told the audience that she ‘cringes’ at the idea of students as customers, and stated that studying a degree is a transformation of life – thus students should be in control of their course. She was also passionate throughout the question time that she will help fight for the student voice throughout her time in office.

UMCA President / Welsh Affairs Officer Question Time Event with running candidate Miriam Williams:

Miriam is the only candidate running for the UMCA President and Welsh Affairs Officer position. Her short manifesto highlights five points for your consideration: Promote, Continue, Create, Expand, and Fight.

At the Question Time event this afternoon, Miriam ran through these points, and said that the promotion of opportunities for UMCA members are important, as well as expanding the knowledge and information that UMCA gives out, allowing everyone a chance to take part – as is it ‘not an elite club’. She said that it is not the time for UMCA to be forgotten, but to be proud and celebrated throughout the University.

Miriam said that she wishes to introduce new officers on the UMCA committee which has been created for next year. She also wants to expand ‘RAG week’ events throughout the year, as opposed to one week in the year. She promised to fight for Welsh language student rights and said that she will ensure that Pantycelyn remains open. Miriam said that she wishes to continue to produce effective campaigns to help save Pantycelyn, and that she will fight for everything she believes in.


Tomorrow (4th) it is the turn of candidates running for the full time position of Students’ Union President to have questions from the audience, thereby concluding the series of Question Time events held for these spring elections.  Join Aber Student Media for the live stream and live-blog coverage from 12 pm.

For the full detailed manifestos of the aforementioned candidates, click here.

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