Black House – Don’t miss out on the event everyone’s talking about

black house bigMAKING an explosive comeback to the Union, the popular Black House returns for a 6th year, fusing the best Mid-Wales has to offer in terms of everything from Drum & Bass to Jungle and House to Gypsy Ska. In truth, the range of genres is endless and far too eclectic – envisage a mixing pot, with all your favourite beats, hooks and vibes melted into one. Yep, that’s Black House.

Notable headliners so far include, Radio 1’s Friction, Linguistics, House King Billy Kenny and Swing pioneer [email protected] in the [email protected]. With the night spread across two floors, ten stage hosts – and The Grand Bazaar, a plethora of stalls and music from FUSE – you are given a limitless list of things to explore. From getting your clothes pimped, playing on retro consoles or being completely blown away by the unchallenged sound systems in every room, there will be no reason to not stick around until the 5am curfew.

If there is one thing the night promises, it’s that it is going to be huge. Customary ‘tickets are running low’ statements are all too common these days, but with capacity nearing its peak – I’d buy yourself a ticket (£12-£15) as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Online tickets sold out last week, but there’s still people selling them over Facebook.  For an event that prides itself on being reminisced until the following year, this year’s Black House promises to be bouncing from wall to wall, and floor to floor.

Black House is on tonight at the Union. Tickets will be available on the door for £17.50.