Activities Officer: The Candidates

TODAY saw the first Question Time event for a full-time Officer position, which featured the candidates running for the position of Activities Officer facing questions from the audience. Aber Student Media streamed the event live, for the live-blog coverage click here.

elections-2014-logo-stroke1The Activities position is the most contested of any across the 2014 Spring Elections, and all 8 candidates were present in the main room earlier this afternoon. The following article will give you a brief run-down of all the candidates and their main policies, which they explained at the event.

Ben Holihead was first to give his speech today, and he outlined his manifesto pledges which centres on ‘Raising, Reforming, and Relocating’. Holihead wants to incentivise societies and sports clubs into further volunteering and donating through RAG (Raising and Giving). He also wants to urgently reform the grant system so that all societies and sports clubs, regardless of their size, can benefit from it. Finally, he wants to explore how the activities team can use the potential of Llanbadarn campus for additional freshers and refreshers fair, as well as for activities all year round.

Nichola Martin, spoke today of her desire for better communication, fairer distribution of funding, and the need to aid trips and tours outside of Aber for societies and sports teams. Martin wants to introduce drop in hours, increase support from the Union, and hold a forum for presidents of committees to organise joint social activities and the swapping of facility time slots. She also wants a greater analysis of grant application and the introduction of an emergency relief fund. Finally, Martin wants to encourage all committees of clubs and societies to take their members out of Aber on trips.

Harriet O’ Shea wants to improve committee training and communication, and the need to increase communication with members to highlight achievement. She also wants to continue with the ‘Free Up Wednesday’ campaign, further promote emphasis of non-BUCS sports, and finally, wants to improve on site storage facilities.

Daniel Pugh followed, stating that he wants to build on the current foundations of Team Aber to make sports clubs even more unified, and create greater spirit. He stated that he would promote joint socials and more regular events for all clubs, such as the Old boys / Old girls weekend, pledging a new ‘activities week’ to increase society participation.

Matthew Spicer began by highlighting his position as Rugby Captain, and stated that due to his sporting background he wishes to promote Varsity as it makes for a great event and socials. He spoke of his policies which include improving the conditions of facilities for all clubs, and the promotion of healthy and active living. He also spoke of his desire to increase involvement with societies.

Barney Tierney followed by outlining his policies which included improving communication, better use of sign-up sheets and making himself more available to clubs and societies. He would also like to see a ‘massive’ improvement in facilities and better feedback from students relating to these facilities. He finished by expressing his desire to work with clubs to improve the competitive aspect of club tours.

Llywelyn Williams addressed the audience bilingually today, and outlined his five key policy points. These were: the introduction of a more flexible membership system, the continuation of the ‘Free up Wednesday’s’ campaign, co-operating with the University on increasing sport and music bursaries, co-operating with the University on grassroots investment such as pitch draining on Blaendolau, and finally the aim of including every society and club in discussions of funding and planning.

Finally, Christopher Wilson-Slight spoke about his policy points, expressing his wish to sit down with every sports and society committee so he gets an idea of all of their plans for the year ahead. He would like more flexible options for students in terms of membership, and will campaign for ‘Free up Wednesdays’, the increasing of bursaries, and the improvement of the fitness centre. He also wishes to implement democratic inclusion of societies in planning.

Tomorrow, it is the turn of candidates running for the full time Welfare Officer position to face questions from the audience, join Aber Student Media for the live stream and live-blog coverage at 12pm.

For full detailed manifestos, click here.

As well as bringing you full live coverage from the full time officer events, Aber Student Media will also be bringing you a round up report from part-time officer events, all of which will be available in the ‘Elections 2014‘ category in the drop-down News tab on our website.

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