Aberystwyth skatepark plans in the pipeline

THE PLANS for the skate park in Boulevard St Brieuc have been revealed, just over a year after the initial planning permission was granted in October 2012.

Uni students have already begun to show excitement for the new skate park

Uni students have already begun to show
excitement for the new skate park

When the idea was first proposed, the Cae Kronberg skate park was met with some hesitance from local residents.

In 2010, Aberystwyth Town Council raised taxes which helped pay for the skate park. This raised controversy, leading to many opposing the approval of the plans. In addition, there were concerns raised from residents nearby that the park could also encourage anti-social problems such as underage smoking and drinking.

Two years later, however, the plans for the Cae Kronberg skate park are proving to be popular within Aberystwyth town. The contractor for Phase 1 work on the park, Freestyle, presented the initial concept design in Aberystwyth last week and then held two focus group meetings, which were held on Tuesday evening.

“I am thrilled by the public’s response to this project,” said Cae Kronberg project coordinator Anna Bullen, “I have not received a single negative reaction to it, people want to see improvements that benefit everyone in the community.”

Their designs proved to be popular with the members of the focus groups, and Freestyle have even assured that the project will improve biodiversity by providing habitats for different species.This is positive news, and on the financial side of things, we also know that Aberystwyth Town Council is partly able to fund this project as it received over £24,000 towards the building of the park from the Big Lottery Fund, easing the pressure on the taxpayers of Aberystwyth.

After an uncertain start, the skate park is seemingly becoming a more popular idea amongst residents, thanks to reassurance from Freestyle.