BUCS: Heroes and Villains

BUCS_logoIT’S NOT ONLY the seafront that has been ravaged by the stormy weather over the last month, BUCS fixtures have suffered hugely too. Since the start of the year though, most of Aberystwyth’s BUCS teams have managed to take to the field. The effort shown has been excellent across the whole spectrum of sports, but it has been a better month for some than others.

It was a good month for:

The men’s basketball players. The Aber ballers have only managed to squeeze one game in this month but it was a cracker. On the 29th January they travelled down to Newport and completed a comprehensive thrashing of the University of South Wales, winning 75-46. The boys sit third in the Western 2B, only three points behind Cardiff.

The squash team. Despite a heavy loss to Swansea at the end of January, the Aber men’s squash team recovered to defeat Cardiff University 5-0 at home on the fifth of February. They were also granted an involuntary walkover on the 12th due to the inability of the University of Gloucestershire to field a team. The boys find themselves in a very tough division, however, and still sit fourth, just one from the bottom.

It was a bad month for:

The lacrosse teams. Despite a very strong start to the season the Aber lacrosse teams did not enjoy an easy time this month. They remain top of the overall leader board for Aberystwyth but the men’s firsts were defeated 16-2 the only time they took to the field this month, away to the University of Southampton. The women did not fare any better either, losing 18-0 to UWE on the 29th of January.

The grounds staff, again. With the risk of sounding unoriginal, sports fixtures have been decimated by the stormy Welsh weather yet again this month. The lacrosse teams, all our football and rugby teams and Aber Uni FC have had games postponed due to the storms and disruptions look likely to continue. Hopefully, the rain will abide in the coming month and we can all reset our sporting calendars for the times ahead.