Students’ Union to introduce gender neutral toilets

lgbtLAST week’s Student Assembly saw LGBT+ Officer Hannah Stokes propose the motion for placing at least one gender neutral toilet in the Students’ Union by the end of this academic year. Seconded by Lorraine Bainbridge, and amended by Disabled Students’ Officer Matthew Harvey to state ‘as soon as possible’ rather than by the end of the year, the facilities will not contain any urinals, but will instead provide separate cubicles to ensure privacy.

The motion was voted upon and passed with the agreement that the facilities will not be in main view as to prevent stigma and harassment. Stokes expressed the issues faced by transgender students here in Aberystwyth, such as the uncomfortable decision with using gendered toilets, and stated that this new addition will be good for both the trans* and student community.

Speaking to ASM, Hannah said:  “I am exceedingly happy, and proud of our Student Assembly that this motion went through virtually unopposed. Gender neutral toilets are such a small change in the grand scheme of our university but can be a great support to trans* students and those with unseen disabilities.”

“Stonewall gave our university 9/10 on the gay-friendly institution checklist, and hopefully improvements like this can raise us to a 10/10 standard.”