Satellite Tour comes to Aberystwyth

Satellite Tour

TONIGHT sees the arrival of the Satellite Tour to Aberystwyth Students’ Union. It will see three up and coming bands take to the stage in live performances throughout the night. These include: Eliza and the Bear, Sons and Lovers & Fred Page.

Eliza and the Bear (rogue grizzlies unfortunately nowhere to be heard) have been making quite a name for themselves recently; having supported the likes of Paramore and Imagine Dragons, the band’s uplifting and ecstatic take on folk-pop has unsurprisingly endeared them to the higher-ups in the industry. Singer/guitarist James Kellegher was kind enough to give an interview with me where he expounded upon the camaderie between his Satellite Tour co-performers, the band’s hectic touring/recording schedule and the general laugh of going round the country playing music.

“The tickets have been selling very well and the gigs have been going down just as well,” he told me: “We were featured on the Guardian’s New Band of the Day which was a lovely surprise. This tour has given us a real broad sweep of the nation and enabled us to play in venues that a lot of bands don’t; we played the Brickyard in Carlisle on the 11th and that was fantastic. We’ve got recording for the new album scheduled pretty soon as well; it’s really exciting stuff.” Exciting is certainly the word if their work on Soundcloud is anything to go by.

Pop-rock band Sons and Lovers have had a busy year. Before taking part in the Satellite tour, the band toured with the likes of Ellie Goulding and One Republic, who singer Tom calls the band’s ‘favourite acts’. When asked about the Satellite Tour so far, he said it was great to be playing in places most bands would not usually play, and meeting lots of new people, with notable gigs coming from York and Carlisle.

Photo - Satellite Tour Sons and Lovers will be performing in Aberystwyth on Thursday

Sons and Lovers will be performing in Aberystwyth on Thursday

The band already have several tracks uploaded on to their Soundcloud with more singles on their way, and when questioned about their plans after the Satellite tour, Tom suggested the recording of an album could take place at the end of the year, full of ‘big sounds and guitar solos’, after another UK tour.

Tom went on tell us how hard they worked as a band to get where they are: “[We] were working 100 hours a week and recording and rehearsing in every spare moment we had!” he explained, saying how lucky they were that someone heard their music and decided to sign them. Having never played Aber before, the band are keen to bring their brand of Pop-Rock to the Union; make sure you catch them!

Fred Page, hailing from London started playing guitar at a young age and has since gone on to not only become an incredible singer, but also an impressive songwriter to boot. His debut album is due to be released this year, which we are all looking forward to. He makes up the final performer in the trio of acts that will be taking to the Union stage.

The Satellite Tour will be at Aberystwyth Student Union on Thursday February 20th; be sure not to miss out, it promises to be a cracking night.