Clear-up effort begins for hurricane-force windswept Aberystwyth

Fire engines are attending multiple scenes around Aberystwyth

Fire engines were attending multiple scenes around Aberystwyth

ABERYSTWYTH has begun to be cleared after a day of hurricane-force winds battered the seafront.

Trees were reported to have fallen all over campus, town and further, as well as roof tiles and signs blowing off, endangering pedestrians. Glass was also smashed – first the Arts Centre door, followed by other panes around campus buildings and reports of greenhouses left completely shattered.

The University have completed a sweep of the campus, securing all areas considered a danger to life early yesterday, and safety checks continued today. They opened the campus at 8:45 this morning, and are expecting teaching activities to commence as usual today.

The International Politics car park is closed until further notice, due to fallen trees, and some paths around campuses are still closed, with University staff putting diversions in place, which may mean students will take longer to get around Aberystwyth.

The path underneath the footbridge going to PJM is also blocked: people wishing to move between PJM and the road must go via the footbridge.

In town, most of the destruction has been cleared and roads are open again, however there are roof tiles laying around, and many of which are loose, which are at danger of falling. The promenade has been covered by shingles and debris from the beach again, and this morning, a man was hit by a falling road sign on Westgate Street.

The wind has died down a lot since yesterday, and there are no severe weather warnings in place for today, however gusts of wind are still expected.

You can read our liveblog, including many galleries of pictures from yesterday by clicking here.

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