Aberystwyth battered by hurricane-force winds


That concludes our coverage of this year’s Students’ Union Elections.

Well done to all of the candidates running this year, as well as all of those who won their positions.

I would like to thank everyone for joining us during our liveblog coverage.

I would also like to thank my fellow livebloggers: Cassie, Jack and Stacey for doing such a good job covering this event.

Look out for the online edition of The Courier Election Special over the next few days.

That’s all from us! Good night!


Congratulations to Lauren Marks, the next Student Union President.

Marks won with 599 out of 1438 cast votes, in five rounds, against five other candidates.

She becomes the first female Aberystwyth Students’ Union President in 10 years. She thanked everyone for helping her run her campaign as well as all the other candidates running.


Finally, the presidential candidates have been called backstage.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the upcoming Student Union President.


Jasmine Cross was announced as this year’s Activities Officer, with 572 votes. She won in the 3rd round of voting.

The candidates for Activities Officer were Richard Bracy, Jasmine Cross, Andrew Fitzpatrick and Josie Nemeth. 1215 votes were cast in total.

She thanked her supporters and campaign team, as well as congratulating everyone who was running and wishing them luck for the future.


Education Officer has now been announced.

1187 votes were cast and it went through 2 stages.

The winner is Ryan Myles with 592 Votes.

He thanked everyone for a great campaign, saying: “They have been my rock, absolutely fantastic.”


With six candidates, five rounds and a total of 1241 votes, the Welfare Officer has been elected.

The winner, with a total of 475 votes is Naomi Cutler.

She received the Welfare Officer Poncho and thanked all of her supporters for their help, as well as her campaign team.


The next full-time officer to be announced will be Welfare Officer.


Rhun Dafydd was announced as the Welsh Affairs & UMCA President, with 852 votes.

The winner was elected in the 1st round of voting.

He said he was looking forward to working in the Union over the next year.


The results of the full time officers will be announced shortly, starting with the announcement of the newly elected Welsh Affairs & UMCA President.


And now for the special elections awards celebrating those who have taken part.

The winner of The Fair Play Prize is Josie Nemeth. Josie wishes luck to all the candidates.

Most Dedicated Part-Time Candidate goes to James Sherwood, he seems perplexed.

The next award is for the Best Campaign Video, the Officers were taken aback that the winner managed to get a celebrity in the video, this award went to Naomi Cutler.

The Most Dedicated Full-Time Candidate went to Claire Herbert. Who thanked everyone for watching the cheer leading.

The Biggest Blunder goes to Richard Bracy who accidentally wrote “Richard for Actities” on the back of the concourse steps. He said “I’d like to say it was great marketing but no I just forgot”.

This award goes to the best use of Social Media, the most poignant phrase being “Don’t pick your nose, pick Nicole”. This award went to Nicole Scott.

Best Campaign Team goes to Luke Hamilton, the dedication of his team was noted and Luke said that “I couldn’t have asked for a better team”.

Best Poster Design goes to Christina Oredeko with her “Everybody Votes Chris” design. She thanked Hannah Poll for her help with designing the poster.

Best Promotion of the Welsh Language is next, Lewis stresses the importance of the use of Welsh in the candidates campaigns and commends all the candidates and Aberystwyth’s dedication to bilingualism. Andrew Fitzpatrick won the award and he thanks NUS Wales.

The Best Campaign Slogan goes to Luke Hamilton for the play on his name. The real Lewis Hamilton was thanked.

The Second Biggest Elections Blunder goes to Daniel Meehan for misspelling February on the elections T-shirts.

THE MET OFFICE have issued a Red Weather warning for the Ceredigion area.

Arts Centre door smashed by winds Photo - Will Atkinson

Arts Centre door smashed by winds
Photo – Will Atkinson

The afternoon is expected to bring a “swathe of exceptionally strong winds” which will hit western parts of Wales, as well as reaching into England. The wind is expected to gust at 80mph, with the possibility of reaching up to 100mph in some locations in Wales.

Winds of this strength can cause widespread structural damage, bringing down trees and also leading to powercuts. They can also lead to large waves, much like the ones that battered Aberystwyth sea front in January this year.

The Met Office have urged the public to alter their travel arrangements while the storm-force winds are in place,  with Arriva cutting train services between Aberystwyth and Machynlleth, as well as various other services in Wales, until at least 8pm this evening.

Aberystwyth is expected to be badly hit, with the University sending an email to all students warning them to keep away from the Promenade and seafront, and to check University emails for more information.

The storm is forecast to hit between 1:30 and 9pm.

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