Micky’s cocktail cabinet: Screaming Orgasm

unnamedWITH VALENTINE’S Day on the horizon, it’s time for a themed cocktail, and what better gift to give your Valentine than a Screaming Orgasm? … Okay, I promise that’ll be the only pun!

The Screaming Orgasm is more of an alcoholic milkshake that you’d have after-dinner than  the kind of alcoholic beverage you would drink on a regular basis, but it packs plenty of alcoholic kick and makes a perfect treat for that special him or her (even if that special him or her is yourself!)


1 shot = 30 ml/1 fl. oz.

1 shot of milk

1 shot of double cream

1 shot of vodka

1 shot of amaretto

1 shot of coffee liqueur

1 shot of Irish cream

Ingredients-wise, my personal preference is for full-fat milk and heavy double-cream. When it’s a luxuy drink there’s no point in being soft with it after-all. Kahlua and Baileys tend to be the preferred brand choices for coffee liqueur and Irish cream respectively, although there are alternatives available (Tia Maria in particularly is a popular choice for coffee liqueur). Whilst the servings of vodka and amaretto are small, their flavours are still fairly detectable in a Screaming Orgasm, so this is one of the few occasions where I very much veer in favour of using a particularly nice brand rather than counting on any inferior flavour being lost under the mixers.


Despite containing numerous ingredients, the Screaming Orgasm is about as straightforward as cocktail recipes get. Place all of the ingredients into a shaker with ice, shake thoroughly and pour into an ice filled glass.

To garnish, my preferences are a flake and a couple of pitted cherries (stick one cherry on either side of a cocktail stick and balance on the glass rim and it should stay up decoratively). Chocolate and milk-based cocktails are an obvious match made in heaven so the flake can be substituted for the chocolate of your choice, or even for a dusting of chocolate powder of the surface. As for the cherries, they carry the kind of fruitiness that compliments rather than contrasts with the milkiness.


Add spiced rum…

If it hasn’t already come across in my previous articles, I’m a big lover of rum. With this recipe, I wouldn’t recommend white or dark rum since neither make a huge difference, but spiced rum compliments it nicely. Spiced rums vary from brand to brand, but one with a strong hint of vanilla is ideal. Replace the shot of vodka with a shot of spiced rum and the taste of the rum should be noticeable without compromising the alcohol content or the flavours that are already present.

Orgasm shot…

The Screaming Orgasm is an off-shoot of the Orgasm cocktail shot. The shot consists of equal parts (so 1/3rd of a shot for a standard shot glass) of coffee liqueur, amaretto and Irish cream. The easiest method of preparation is to shake the ingredients with ice and pour straight into a shot glass (or into an ice-filled glass if you simply want to enjoy the drink). The alternative is to layer the ingredients into a shot glass, either by using the spiral-end of a bar spoon or holding the ‘scooping end’ of a normal spoon at an angle into the shot glass (the latter of which I consider to be more plausible with the equipment at hand in your average student halls). In this instance, pour the coffee liqueur first. After this, tilt the shot glass at an angle and carefully pour the amaretto on top of it using either the bar spoon or a normal spoon. Finally, using the same technique as before, carefully pour the Irish cream in on top of the amaretto. If accomplished successfully, there should be a dark caramel-ish colour at the bottom, a lighter caramel-ish colour in the middle and a distinct creaminess on top. If accomplished unsuccessfully…well…it’ll still taste good.