Making the most of your midnight stroll

Tomos Nolan

Tomos Nolan

WELCOME to the wonderful world of ‘midnight strolling’. There is something ever so enjoyable about a midnight stroll, especially if you know what you are doing before you head off. I shall now offer a comprehensive guide on how to optimise your levels of happiness during said stroll.

Before you start, make sure you have the following:

A wide gaping grin on your face (preferably showing teeth for that added ‘upbeat’ emphasis) – This lets every observer see the joy radiating off you!

A music playing device – When partnered with your favourite songs (that you know all the lyrics to) you’ll be feeling that statistically impossible 110% in no time!

Miming skills – You want to be walking and working it like you’re the next big thing when lip-syncing and swaggering; no half measure here, go hard or stay home!

A small, and easy to carry, refreshing beverage – Hey, it’s important to stay hydrated, we can’t be dealing with dehydration on this walk.

A backpack with essentials – Weather shan’t bother you if you prepare for it! For example, keep a hoodie and umbrella in your backpack as you travel just so mother nature can’t ruin your little personal parade if she abruptly decides to unleash her rain.

Comfortable shoes – This is pretty self explanatory; got no time for blisters.

No security issues – We don’t want fear or anxiety cramping your style no do we? Don’t go for this stroll if you don’t feel comfortable that you’ll be safe.

A positive attitude/ cheerful disposition – If you’re oozing glee, it’ll soon catch and infect as viciously as any norovirus! Infect others and watch your happiness proliferate.

A knowledge of your environment – Familiar places will keep you content, but feel free to roam elsewhere if you feel adventurous! Familiar places are often just a good starting point.

Some light change – Just in case you get some late night hunger pangs/ drink all your drink. At those twenty-four hour stores you’ll only want a little change for a something small to nibble or drink, just so you don’t get too full or tempted to buy far too much food.

Society/people – Essentially engage with people how you please; I tend to smile and wave at people I pass by, and they usually smile and wave back. You’ll find that attempting to spread your own happiness will, in fact, make you happier!

Now you have the essentials down, it’s time for some personal tips to maximise your delight. I recommend going out during very early morning (1 or 2am) for a good one to two hour walk. I also recommend mixing urban and rural settings into your walk.

Walking through a dark, moon-lit field is ominous yet wonderful. On the flip-side, walking in an urban town centre can be great fun as you’ll disconcert bystanders who will be utterly confused by your cheerful disposition (don’t worry, their unease will rapidly become smiles and joy).

For the more adventurous of you, try walking near the bars and pubs for those hilarious little meetings with your local drunks; stroll near bars and clubs with caution, drunks can be very unpredictable and are not always going to be friendly to the chipper sober chap.

Do remember to only night stroll on those occasions when you really fancy it, if you don’t apply moderation you could find night strolling quickly loses its charm.

Now go forth and reap the benefit of a good night stroll.