High tide impact less than expected

THE STORMS in Aberystwyth this weekend have so far fallen short of its prediction to surpass the ones at the beginning of the year.

The first storms, which hit over 5 nights from the 3rd January, tore up the seafront and forced evacuations, and left Aberystwyth residents worried after worse weather was forecast for this weekend. The University cancelled all lectures and evacuated students as a precautionary measure; however the tides have so far proven to have significantly less impact than expected for Aberystywth. Natural Resources Wales (NRW) has explained that this was due to stronger winds having arrived slightly later than predicted.

1556381_287418231410460_1345803726_oThroughout the United Kingdom, 175 flood warnings had been issued, along with 303 flood alerts. Despite the waves not being as dramatic as at the beginning of January, a number of road closures were temporarily enforced. Aberystwyth Promenade was closed last night in agreement with the police, who patrolled the area in order to prevent people from getting into danger.

Concerns have been high over the completed repairs to the promenade on Friday morning (31st) in consideration of the predicted onslaught, and at 11pm last night, the council issued an update reporting the damage from the evening’s high tide.

The damage as of yet includes a few slabs and a section of the railings, in addition to some shingles having washed up from the beach. The council have announced that damages will be further assessed today, as well as prioritising the clean up and the secure reopening of roads.

Council staff were on standby for coastal areas yesterday and assisted with some localised flooding in Cardigan and Aberystwyth. The Council have said that sandbags have been re-stocked for delivery, and have assured that they will continue to monitor the situation and react if necessary.

In reference to yesterday’s high tide, Cllr Ceredig Davies said: “The predictions were we were going to have a repeat of the storms we saw in January, but this morning it wasn’t so bad.”

“Predicting the weather, predicting storms is not a science, but we have to make the proper arrangements and to make sure that people are safe.”

NRW have forecasted that conditions along the coast are due to improve. Today is set to be generally less windy and showery, while early warnings of strong winds and rain are still in force for Monday and Tuesday.