2014 – an interesting year for games

downloadUNLIKE previous years, 2014 will be an especially interesting year for games. The Xbox One and the Playstation 4 being released (along with the Wii U finally coming into its own) means that lots of games will be released this year as developers are finally allowed to publish games on the new consoles. Here is a brief overlook of the more fascinating ones that are reportedly out this year.

First, Titanfall which is supposedly being released on March 14th for Xbox One, 360 and PC. It’s a first-person shooter made by ex-Infinity Ward members (the guys who made Call Of Duty the juggernaut it is today) with mechs, jetpacks, lasers and parkour. It looks great and sounds like an intriguing idea.

Then there is The Witcher 3, which has no solid release date as of writing. It is the third instalment of the critically acclaimed Witcher series: very mature role-playing games where you play monster hunter (or “Witcher”) Geralt as he tries to help people by any means. The developers CD Project RED declare that the game will be one of the biggest and most detailed open world games of all time, which is certainly a bold claim.

Finally, the independent game No Man’s Sky has been reported as being released in 2014. It is a procedurally generated science fiction exploration game with planets that have their own ecosystems and the like. The details have been rather nebulous from the developers, the makers of Joe Danger, but it all sounds incredible.