New technology set to take off in 2014

What you can expect inside a Virgin Galactic spacecraft

A sneak peek of what budding astronauts can expect onboard a Virgin Galactic spacecraft

THIS year sees a number of emergent technologies finally come to the open market. Everything from Google Glass and other wearable technology to space tourism and a host of new smartphones and tablets, not to forget Valve’s venture into console gaming. It certainly looks like another year of rapid advancement for technology.

Google Glass 

With the release of Google Glass we have a highly anticipated advancement in technology. The ability to view information and capture life events from something as small and handy as a pair of glasses will change the way we see the world. Google Glass displays information much like a smartphone but in a hands-free set up at eye level. It is controlled through speech and a number of voice commands. Despite the potential privacy issues with people being able to record their lives and anyone around them with ease, without other people’s knowledge, it does look to be an excellent product and certainly something to take note of this year.

This is coupled with many other companies creating wearable technology which is due to become mainstream this year, including smart watches and fitness bands.


4k is the next step in high definition visual quality. Delivering four times the previous 1080p HD resolution, this advancement will offer a huge step up in image quality.  With a number of 4k-ready TVs now being released, there is further movement from companies such as Lovefilm and Netflix to produce content in 4K.

3D printing

3D printers will continue to become more readily available and more popular in 2014. The ability to take a design and then be able to print it in three dimensions is incredible and something that we are sure to see a lot more of this year.

New phones

There are a host of new smartphones due for release in 2014, including; HTC M8, Sony Xperia Z1 and Z2 series, Nokia Lumia 929, Samsung Galaxy S5, LG G. There is also, of course, the anticipated launch of the iPhone 6 which is predicted to have a bigger display and be lighter and thinner than previous models.

Space tourism

This year Virgin Galactic is due to finally set into motion its commercial flights to space. As technology has improved, the hope is that the flights will go further and further into space after the initial sub-orbital flights that the initial spacecraft allow for. Although this will mainly provide the very wealthy and famous with their chance to get into space, it is a step towards a future where space travel becomes ever more possible for the everyday man.

Windows 9

With mixed reviews over the latest release of Windows 8.1 and with poor usage from the public, attention now turns to Windows 9 and how it can better improve the Windows experience. The new system is expected to have the full return of the start menu, while also promising more consideration for  mouse and keyboard users rather than a total focus on touch screen. We expect to hear the full details of Windows 9 throughout the year before the expected full release in early 2015.