Broadband to improve in Ceredigion in April

openreachBT Openreach is to provide improved high-speed broadband coverage to the Aberystwyth area this April.

Broadband speeds are considerably slow in Ceredigion, considered to be the poorest county for coverage in Wales. The 2013 OFCOM report revealed the county to be in the top five poorest coverage areas in the United Kingdom with over 20% of premises in the Ceredigion area with broadband speeds transferring less than 2MB per second.

The report showed Wales to have the lowest proportion of properties with access to high speed broadband at just 48% compared with the UK’s 73% average.

The BT project will also provide the improved broadband coverage to all schools within the area. Cllr Ellen ap Gwynn, leader of Ceredigion County Council, said schools were eager to accept high speed connectivity, “The roll out will also be important for individuals and businesses in this rural county.”