Beginning a whole new era of Disney animation: Frozen

Frozen_castposter (1)DISNEY’S Frozen has proved to be another family classic over Christmas. Loosely based on The Snow QueenFrozen tells the story of two sisters whose relationship remains the core of the story throughout.

Elsa, the eldest and voiced by Idina Menzel, is born with the power to create and manipulate snow and ice. Elsa shuts herself away from her younger sister, Anna (Kristen Bell), out of fear of harming her. Despite Elsa’s prickly and ‘cold’ temperament and Anna’s naivety, the sisters remain endearing throughout.

The real star of the show however, is Josh Gad’s Olaf – a talking snowman who dreams of living in the summer. Olaf is simply, funny and loveable and manages to skirt away from common pitfalls – bland, cheesy or outright annoying – of Disney’s comical characters. With Santino Fontana as the charming Prince Hans and Jonathan Groff as the swashbuckling Mountain Man the characterisation is Disney at its best.

It is, of course, easy to compare Frozen to its predecessor – Tangled. Tangled quickly became a stone cold Disney classic and with multiple similarities in animation, characters and songs Frozen is clearly taking note of this success. Admittedly the musical numbers – particularly ensemble pieces – are weaker than that of Tangled but all in all Frozen didn’t let us down. The Nordic scenery and artwork, the comedy and the subversive but heart-warming plot all create a fantastic film that opens up at new era for Disney animation.

Frozen is out now at the Commodore, check out the listings here.