Best of the Arts 2013


IT’S BEEN a truly incredible year for the Arts. Countless incredible albums, a wonderful set of films, new actors bursting onto our screens – old ones too, and pretty much something for everyone.

We’ve reviewed a good majority of the decent stuff which has come out this year; but seeing as we’re nearly at the end, we thought it was time for a good ol’ retrospective. With this in mind, the Arts team had a look back, and voted on the best of this great year.

Five categories were voted on:

  • Best Film of the year
  • Best Artist/Band of the year
  • Best Book of the year
  • Best Game of the year
  • Best TV Programme of the year

Below is a brief write up on the winners of each category, and a few of the runners up. Enjoy!

django_unchained_09032017_st_1_s-low-600x403Best Film – Django Unchained

The strong favourite for this category: and it’s not hard to see why. Another great Tarantino film bought to us in the form of a western adventure film. With an all-star cast inducing Foxx, Waltz, DiCaprio and Samuel L Jackson it shows what a modern day western can be. In this rather outrageous, witty but daring film Tarantino once again delivers a bold and sophisticated film as Waltz and Foxx form a bromcom style relationship in a context that delves into the controversial subject of slavery. Quality film.

2nd place: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug – The runner up for the category is the highly anticipated second instalment of the Hobbit trilogy, that truly met it’s expectations. You can read ASMs full review here.

Honourable Mentions: Gravity, Star Trek Into Darkness, Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa.

Arctic MonkeysBest Artist/Band – Arctic Monkeys 

The Arctic Monkeys return with AM, which received huge acclaim on its release. Touted as bringing the best in hip-hop and rock, a masterful album was created. In a  record that is arguably one of their best yet, they simply don’t seem like they are going to stop bringing out record breaking records any time soon. You can find the full review from ASM here.

2nd place: Bastille – Probably one of the most listened to albums of the year with the record breaking hit of Pompeii, Bastille have really made a name for themselves this year and are sure to stay in the charts for years to come.

Honourable Mentions: Arcade Fire, Queens of the Stone Age, Avicii.

DABest Book – The Disaster Artist

The Disaster Artist gives another viewpoint into The Room, the ‘greatest bad movie ever made’. This book gives a fresh look at the subject in a rather hilarious fashion, as Sestero gives his own account into how the film was made and how his relationship with Tommy Wiseau formed during the process. Definitely a must read for those that are fans of The Room. You can find the full review from ASM here.

2nd place: The Cuckoo’s Calling – With the reveal that this was infact a new novel from J K Rowling, book sales soared, with generally very positive reviews for this new mystery series. Another output for JK to show us her creative genius.

Honourable Mentions: And The Mountains Echoed, East of West, The Blood Crows.

the-last-of-usBest Game – The Last of Us

The Last of Us is well deserving of its place here, as probably one of the most highly rated video games of the year. With the story give particular praise as both emotional and enthralling ever seen in the genre. This was also coupled with some impressive voice acting and excellent graphics that create truly believable scenes. Definitely worth playing through if you haven’t already.

2nd place: Saints Row IV – The big rival to GTA V, it’s safe to say that the Saints Row series has become a legitimate rival to the Grand Theft Auto series and with IV coming our way this year, it has got all that closer. Find ASMs full review here.

Honourable Mentions: Guacamelee!, GTA V, Rayman Legends, BioShock Infinite.

Breaking BadBest TV Programme – Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad completed its final season this year, and so it was intriguing to see how it would send off.  With viewers and general acclaim almost at the highest it has ever been for the series it did superbly well in finishing off a brilliant show. Find the full ASM review here.

2nd place: Game of Thrones – This show continues to get high ratings and with an ever growing following it is no surprise it has done well within our poll. With George R. R. Martins world being bought to life in such a manner, it is no wonder the viewers keep coming back for more.

Honourable Mentions: Broardchurch, Doctor Who, The Returned, Hannibal.

So after an amazing year of the arts; what’s next year got in store? From what we’ve seen, it’s still shaping up to be pretty good, with everything from the Lego Movie to MGS, to Need for Speed – and that’s just the highlights. Stay up to date with all the best right here with our Arts Team’s reviews, highlights, suggestions and much more.