The Hobbit Part 2 delivers an action packed Tolkien filled adventure

the-hobbit-the-desolation-of-smaug-banner-2MY ANTICIPATION was high for the second instalment of the Hobbit trilogy, and The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug did not disappoint. This second instalment is more fast paced and action packed than the first film in the trilogy. With many exciting sequences that have you hooked and not wanting it to end. Speaking of ending… I’ll get to that later, not to leave you on a cliffhanger or anything.

The adventure continues where it left off, with the Company on their way to The Lone Mountain. They are still being chased by the Orcs and their Wargs as they continue on their adventure encountering a large bear like man known as Beorn, some rather nasty spiders through a rather murky wood and, of course, the wood elves (including the much anticipated return of Orlando Bloom as Legolas). Also here was the introduction of a new female character, an off-canon creation by Peter Jackson with the introduction of Tauriel (Evangeline Lily) to give the film a female lead, who played the role well and was a decent addition.

This is then followed by the arrival at Laketown and the meeting with Bard (Luke Evans) and the Master of Laketown, played by Brit favourite Stephen Fry. They finally reach the mountain and start that confrontation with the dragon, where quite frankly the special effects and camera teams simply surpass themselves, not to say they didn’t elsewhere in the film… let’s just say the whole thing looked incredible. And don’t worry, there are plenty of panoramic scenery shots of New Zealand too!

Freeman’s casting as Bilbo was simply one of the best moves Jackson could have made. He continues to develop the character of Bilbo, with the growing sense that Bilbo is slowly being changed by the ring. Moreover, his personal scenes with the dragon, echo and enhance the brilliant scene in the previous film with Gollum. He overall handles himself brilliantly and shows how the character changes and develops over time. To mirror this, Benedict Cumberbatch fulfils his role as the voice of the dragon superbly, and manages to create a brilliant personality just through his words.

The Dwarves are once again a delight to watch, with some great scenes involving all of them. There’s one in particular, where they escape through the use of barrels down some rapids while under attack and facing near certain death, which is probably one of my favourite scenes, balancing both humour and excitement.

One thing that could be considered about this film however, is that it is very much a middle film. The abrupt end to the film is the key reason for this, with so much build up coming from this film and the previous as they travel to The Lonely Mountain, to get there and then face the dragon. For the film to end where it did really shows how making this series into a trilogy may not have been the best option – however, I wouldn’t really be a Middle Earth fan if I wasn’t thrilled that there is still another full installment to come, but I will be very interested to see how they fill out another 3 hours or so film, I’m looking forward to some extras!

Overall, this was another great Jackson film, bringing together much more of the company and getting us properly into the adventure by both developing characters and introducing new ones. This film was great fun, exciting and a fulfilment of the book Tolkien wrote. Definitely worth a watch this holiday, but you might not like the ending.

Bring on the final instalment.