Aberystwyth lose to Keele in Christmas University Challenge

UntitledABERSTWYTH were beaten by Keele University in tonight’s episode of Christmas University Challenge, removing them from contention in the series.

The chosen line-up for Aberystwyth included Dr. Timothy Brain, former Chief Constable of Gloucestershire, Chris Leek, British Mensa board member, Elfyn Llwyd, barrister and Plaid Cymru MP, and Dan Jarvis, MP and a Shadow Minster for Justice.

Keele dominated the first half winning the majority of the starter questions, but were unable to make the most of the bonus rounds, categories of which included; Christmas films, sporting venues and ancient musical instruments.

After a late start and losing 5pts, the first picture round saw Aberystwyth jump on the points board. However as they won more starter questions, Aber faced the same challenge that Keele did with the bonus rounds. Questions on British history saw Aber’s highest scoring round, however rounds on marzipan in Germany, Salvador Dali and Units named after scientists proved unfruitful.

The momentum was steadily picking up for Aber during the second half  and they managed to win a further 10pts mere seconds before the final gong rang, but contenders Keele were out of reach.

The final result saw Keele progressing towards the next stage with 140pts, leaving Aberystwyth behind with 95pts.