Aber to compete in Christmas University Challenge

University ChallengeABERYSTWYTH UNIVERSITY will be competing in this year’s Christmas University Challenge hosted by Jeremy Paxman. The third of its kind,  the series features prominent graduates from 14 universities and colleges who compete for the glory of their institutions.

Executive Producer  Peter Gwyn said about the show, “Christmas University Challenge demonstrates the strong intellectual and emotional ties that continue to bind people to the places where they studied. This provides an intriguing extra dimension to what is set to be a fiercely contested series!”

Aberystwyth will be going head-to-head with Keele University on Monday 23rd December on BBC2 at 8pm. Each team will be competing on one of seven first-round matches,  in which the four with the highest score go on to play in two semi-final matches, with the winners meeting in the final.

The chosen line-up for  Monday’s challenge includes Dr. Timothy Brain, former Chief Constable of Gloucestershire and author of A future for policing, Chris Leek, British Mensa board member and Portfolio Designer, Elfyn Llwyd, barrister and Plaid Cymru MP, and Dan Jarvis, MP and a Shadow Minster for Justice.

“Aberystwyth always has and always will hold a special place in my heart and it is always a pleasure to come back to Aberystwyth,” said Elfyn Llwyd.

He continued, “As far as the Christmas University Challenge is concerned, all I can say is that it was an experience! This comes from someone who has been on Question Time on several occasions.”

In October Aberystywth lost to rivals Bangor during their last appearance on University Challenge, with the final scores being 110 – 230.