Winter warmers

cupOVER the Christmas holidays, many of you will be going home and making the most of all those little luxuries you can only get while living with your parents, such as an open fire and delicious home cooked meals. However, some of you might be staying in Aber and so these small home comforts aren’t so easily accessible – but they aren’t impossible. Here are a few tips and ideas for getting through the winter months (whether at home or at uni) that will keep you warm and not put too much strain on those purse strings.

Draught stoppers: Even if you can’t afford one that looks like a cat lounging across the bottom of your door, simply using a blanket or a towel to cover the gap between the floor and the door will make a huge improvement. You’ll keep the room warm and stop any draughts sweeping past your feet.

Unblock heaters: Try to keep radiators free as much as possible. Simply pull out any furniture that is blocking them a little more or even rearrange a tad to allow the heat to fill the room.

Time the heating: Set your heating to be on at certain times of the day. If you know you are going to be out of the house for a long time, have the heating set for about an hour before you come back so the house will be warm enough for you to defrost from the harsh cold outside. This is also a good idea in the morning before you wake up and it will help you save a few pennies at the same time.

Use the university’s heating: While it might be difficult to bring yourself to leave the house and enter the wind and rain to walk all the way up the hill to campus, it’s worth it. You can save money on your heating bills by staying in the warmth of the library and you’ll have an incentive to revise for those January exams!

Cooking: Christmas time and food go hand in hand so whether you are at home or staying at university, it’s a good time to practice those culinary skills while heating up the kitchen. All that heat from the oven and the stove will have you toasty warm when you sit down to that three course meal you’ve just made.

Tea: There is no better or quicker way to warm up than a nice mug of hot tea so it’s wise to keep the cupboards stocked. Twinings have a range of Christmas teas for those of you who want something a little more festive.

Exercise: Go for a run, a brisk walk or to the gym. You could even stay in your house and find an exercise video but it’s a great way to keep warm and stay fit and healthy while eating all those mince pies.

Duvet days: I’m sure many of you already have duvet days but these wintry months are the perfect excuse for curling up in your duvet when the heating schedule just isn’t enough. Team it up with fluffy bed socks and hot water bottles and you’ll forget what the cold feels like.

Lots of layers: I don’t mean big thick woollen layers so that you’re walking around like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. However, lots of thinner layers can help keep you warm by trapping air between the layers and insulating your body. Although, if you’re walking up Penglais Hill, you probably won’t need too many…