Our ultimate Christmas wish list

IN AN attempt to bring about some semblance of Christmas cheer, this month we’ve been asking members of the ASM committee what items have topped their Christmas wish lists this year. The end result has been… well, the only way I can describe it would be an eclectic mix of potential presents. We’ll let you see for yourself – here’s what we’d love to find under the tree next week.

Wolf Children – Sam, Advertising Manager

At first I was tempted to place the Nintendo 3DS XL Zelda edition at the top of my list, but at £200 with no charger and a download code instead of a physical copy of game I can’t advise making that purchase. Instead, what I’ve opted for is Wolf Children on DVD & Blu-Ray, due for release December 23rd. Wolf Children tells the fairytale-esque story of a 19-year old student (Hana) meeting and falling in love with a man she meets in university. However, not all is as it seems as the man turns out to be a werewolf. She accepts him for this and they stay together, having two children. Unfortunately the romance ends when the Wolfman dies and Hana is left raising two children who can transform into wolves at will. I’m really looking forward to this as it’s from one of my favourite anime directors, Mamoru Hosada. He directed The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Summer Wars, both very story-heavy films that are told superbly. Hosada has always been talented at telling a unique and interesting story in a fun and imaginative way, and I have faith that he has succeeded again.

Apps – Ed, Opinion Editor

I’d love to say that top of my list this year is something marketable and primed for an Amazon link, but this year it just isn’t. A PS4 would go down a treat, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve got a copy of GTA V from days after release and I’ve played one mission. I thought I’d taken on a tad too much this year and I think I was half-right, so following my struggle to the end of this semester, and with my love of my Sony Xperia SP, the top of my list is a nice bit of timekeeping to get me through the next few months. God help me I’m going to need it; editing a section here, finishing a Masters, attempting to learn some Chinese basics, to drive, and working for precious, precious food – a basic spreadsheet just isn’t going to cut it. Top of my wish list this Christmas: Apps. Keep time and get some gaming in on the go – it’s a no brainer.

Hot Topic Disney Clothes – Poppy, Lifestyle Editor

This festive season, why not keep warm, look good and pay homage to nostalgic favourite Disney all at the same time? Well, thanks to U.S. brand Hot Topic, you can now add some animated sparkle to your wardrobe. Hot Topic appears to have shaken off its ‘goffik’ My Immortal associations and has instead become a haven for pop-culture junkies, stocking merchandise from Adventure Time, Doctor Who, The Legend of Zelda and many more popular franchises. Out of all these though, their Disney range filled me with particular excitement as it’s by far the largest, and finding good clothes showing your love of the film company can be difficult if you’re not a child. At the top of my list are a few of their kitsch t-shirts and jumpers, which feature front and back prints of stills from films such as Peter Pan and Beauty and the Beast. The range also includes leggings, skirts, dresses and accessories such as bed throws, glasses cases, bags and wallets, so you can really Disneyfy your world. The site is very popular, with stock that sells fast and is constantly being replenished. This is particularly annoying when you’ve made an order then check back to find that more great things have been added! Also, as it’s a U.S. site, shipping and handling fees are expensive, so it’s more worthwhile to make larger orders (a shame, I know). So, if you’re a fan of Disney or anything else, I’d definitely suggest heading to the Hot Topic website this Christmas!

The Last Of Us – Tom, Features Editor

I’d noticed the absence of any video games in my colleagues’ wish lists, and as somebody who’s been spending a lot less time than usual playing them recently, I feel like I should contribute one. As I may have pre-ordered GTA V way back in September (though I have yet to complete it!), I am forced to choose something else. The Last Of Us was released in June of this year and the critical acclaim it’s received has been phenomenal.­­ It tells the story of Joel and Ellie, two survivors in a post-apocalyptic United States who must defend themselves against various enemies – human or otherwise. I want to experience this game simply to see if it lives up to the hype, though I’m confident that it will. The gameplay mechanics are said to be stellar, the graphics beautiful, and the voice acting admirable. I’ve been a big fan of the post-apocalyptic genre for a while now (the Fallout series, The Walking Dead, fiction like The Road from Cormac McCarthy), and from what I’ve heard of the way the writers of this game have portrayed the human elements of an apocalyptic world it seems like a no-brainer to me. The Last Of Us for PS3 please, Santa! Though perhaps it would make more sense to wait until after my January exams and deadlines are out of the way…

Note from Laura (Online Editor): can I come and play?

iPhone 4S – Andrew, Arts Editor

When considering what I would really want this Christmas, not much came to mind. My main thoughts were for money, in order to go travelling and continue on in the bubble of education.Yet, there’s one thing that I do need, and that is a new phone. My current one (a Samsung Galaxy Ace) has got to the stage where I can’t stand it. On the surface it looks decent; a standard Android device that can do most vital things any average phone can these days, and yet there is one founding flaw – the memory. The internal memory is so small that it can barely have three apps installed at the same time before telling me, ‘your device memory is too low’. Therefore, I decided I would quite like a new phone. A good friend of mine has pestered me for a while now to consider an iPhone, and on closer inspection, despite many reservations with regards to Apple, they do look like they are the real deal – everything you could want in a phone. They have great cameras, great functionality, long battery-life and that key thing for me – a decent memory to actually run a few more apps than just Facebook before overloading. I could look around for other makes, other Android phones or perhaps a Windows phone, but I think it might be time I gave into the masses and fell in with the globalisation of Apple.

(Just a small note from the Features Editor here: you are a silly man Andrew)

Barry M Gift Set – Laura, Online Editor

barry mNow I’ve read through everyone else’s suggestions and I can’t help but think you’re all doing really top end stuff (ok maybe not so much with the Disney clothes, sorry!). Thing is, what I want feels really materialistic compared to you guys. Oh well.

I want… nail varnish. I already own so many, but I got an email from my favourite brand, Barry M, telling me about their Christmas gift set. It contains bits of their Gelly nail polish (literally gel polish, it’s weird but it’s quite good and does last very long!), their textured ones (they feel like sand, so cool), sparkly sequin-y ones (who doesn’t love a bit of bling?), the Matte range (which I actually don’t own) and a few lovely coloured normal ones. I love Barry M polishes, they have a really nice texture and a lovely colour, and go on really well with their brush.

At £90 you might think this gift is very expensive. I guess it is, when you look at it that way, but you are actually getting 30 polishes, which RRP for between £3 and £5 each, which does (just about) make it worth it. I would wait until it was on special offer if I was buying it for myself, but that’s what Christmas is for, right?

The best thing about this present for me is that, because I own about 7 or 8 of these polishes already, they make perfect gifts for other people. Wrap ’em up in a nice bag, you’ve got yourself a decent re-gift. Now I feel like a bad person. Oh well!

So there you have it – our collection of ideal Christmas presents. Whether any of these wishes will actually come true is another matter, but we can certainly live in hope!