The third in the Bridget Jones trilogy just doesn’t quite make the cut

bridget-jones-mad-about-the-boy1THE RETURN of Britain’s much loved Bridget caused a mixture of excitement and nervous anticipation. How would Fielding follow on from her two best-selling books, which have been very well depicted in two blockbuster films? She had set the bar high.

The book commences with Bridget, once seen as the pinnacle of the modern British woman; now aged 51. She is devastatingly now a single mother of two, and a widow to the heroic Mr Darcy, who was killed by a land mine while on business to help aid-workers in the Sudan. Her new pursuits include: chewing nicotine gum; being addicted to her number of Twitter followers; counting calories and dabbling with her new love interest, the 30 year old Roxter.

Mad about the Boy does not breech new ground. Although it is funny, the world has moved on since the 90s. We have bigger things to think about than what shoe she is wearing, and in that way the superficial humour gets old. However, she is still Bridget, and her granny pants are still very much alive. We didn’t ever love her because she was perfect because she never was. We loved her because of her flaws and that made her hilarious. Despite this, the third in the Bridget Jones trilogy just didn’t quite make the cut.