New Penglais Farm Accommodation to cost £120 a week

ABERYSTWYTH University have published the new prices for student accommodation for the upcoming academic years.

The price of the new Penglais Farm accommodation has been confirmed at £120.05 per week for the 2014/15 year, or £4,802 for the 40 week contract. The cost of the studio flats is to be £133 per week, or £6,650 for the 50 week contract.

For those in Welsh Medium accommodation, the price difference between a single room in Pantycelyn and a room in Penglais Farm is particularly notable. Penglais Farm is £11.55 more expensive per week, or £1268.00 more over the full contract, despite not including food like Pantycelyn.

The prices for all halls except Brynderw and Pantycelyn have gone up, but the contracts for all the accommodation have been increased by a week, so even here the prices have risen. Prices in all other room types have risen by between £130 and £200, and bunk rooms, which were traditionally the cheapest room type, will not exist for 2014/15.

These price rises for student halls come at a time when student loans have risen by only 1% for the 2014/15 academic year. This means that despite the cost of halls rising by at least £78, those on the minimum loan will have just £35 more, from £3,575 in 2013/14 to £3,610.

In regards to the Bunk Rooms no longer being a viable option for struggling students, the University provided ASM with the following statement:

“Bunk beds are not currently included on the application forms for accommodation in 2014/2015.  Students will however find a choice of Budget accommodation and Twin rooms which offer reduced rents from £78 (including all energy costs, internet and contents insurance).”

“Should there be sufficient demand for bunk beds to continue at the University, we would be happy to consider any applications on this basis.”

The University has said that students wishing to make such a request should contact The Accommodation Office.