Over 30 severe weather warnings issued for UK

Today's severe weather forecast issued by the Met Office

Today’s severe weather forecast issued by the Met Office

THE ENVIRONMENTAL AGENCY has issued over 30 severe weather warnings for various parts of the UK early this morning, which were upgraded to severe flood warnings, following what is expected to be one of the worst tidal surges in over 30 years.

Widespread gusts of 60 to 70 mph have been announced and are predicted to reach as high as 90 mph in exposed parts of the northern and western coasts. There is a heightened potential for significant coastal flooding in Wales, which will likely result in localised disruption, particularly to travel along coastal routes.

The public should be prepared for such disruption and students located on the Seafront should be particularly cautious. Natural Resources Wales (NRW) has warned people in heavily affected areas to avoid visiting the sea front due to the risk of being swept away or hit by large waves or wind-blown debris.

North Wales has already been affected by 80mph winds and lifeboat crews have been called in to assist people whose homes have been flooded in Rhyl, Denbighshire. So far, 25 residents and six dogs have been rescued.

Thousands of homes have been evacuated in England, and Rail services in Scotland and northern England have been disrupted. Police have confirmed reports of a man having been killed by a falling tree in a park in Retford, Nottinghamshire, and an HGV driver has died in Scotland – where over 100,000 homes are without electricity.

Emergency response workers from NRW will be checking defences and making sure drainage grids are clear in order to reduce the risk to people and their homes. Forecasters are also monitoring sea levels and weather conditions in order to issue flood warnings to particular properties in areas of high risk.

The Met Office’s latest press release on the storm surge is as follows;

“The strongest winds are expected to decrease in strength later today, but while the most severe weather subsides the risk of coastal flooding is set to increase. This is because of high tides combining with strong winds, big waves and a storm surge. The coastal surge along the East Coast of England is expected to be the worst for more than 60 years.”

While there have been no severe warnings for Aberystwyth in particular, it has been advised that the public should remain attentive and prepare to make necessary preparations in the case of flooding.

Those travelling back home for the holidays should be especially cautious of the road conditions.

There are flood warnings in force in the following regions:


Screenshot of Live Flood Warning Map - Met Office

Screenshot of Live Flood Warning Map – Met Office