Aber accounts for over 65% of parking tickets issued in Ceredigion

CEREDIGION’S ANNUAL PARKING report has revealed Aberystwyth to be the town with the highest penalty charge notices for 2013.

The report’s aim is to look at the work undertaken by the Parking Services Team during 2012 / 2013. This is the first report issued since the responsibility of parking enforcement was transferred from the Dyfed Powys Police to the Council, the outcome of which changed parking offences from being Criminal offences to Civil offences.

The report acknowledges that the demand for parking in Ceredigion exceeds the supply of that available, however it denotes that this is exacerbated by ‘the layout of the historic road network, geographical constraints and ‘the higher than average level of car ownership due to the rural nature of the County.’

It states that because of these issues, their challenge is to ‘manage the needs of all users’ and admits that ‘in some cases this does result in the needs of some being restricted for the benefit of others.’

The results of the review are as follows and show Aberystwyth to have issued over 5000 parking tickets, which accounts for a over 65% of all tickets issued: