Welsh students make another stand against Pantycelyn closure

Photo - Tomos Nolan

Welsh students held up signs asking the University to listen to them
Photo – Tomos Nolan

FOLLOWING THE last protest which took place at an Open Day, the Welsh student body are once again making a stand against the closure of Pantycelyn, the Welsh language medium halls, through a petition aimed at Aberystywth University.

Welsh Language Officer Eiri Anghrad told Aber Student Media: “Following the protest held by UMCA and BYG, we have set up an online petition so people throughout Wales can show their support. The petition has been a great success with 730 names so far, and it’s continuing to grow. Our ‘Save Pantycelyn’ Facebook page has over 2500 likes – this shows that we have support on a much wider level than Aberystwyth. It’s important to remember that this cause is relevant to the whole of the Welsh community of Wales, not only to the Welsh community in Aberystwyth University.”

The petition has received over 830 signatories to date, and states the following:

“This is a campaign to keep Pantycelyn Hall open as the only specified Welsh accommodation in Aberystwyth University. This is a campaign for everyone who supports viable Welsh communities. To close Pantycelyn would be a national disaster. Here are 3 clear principles to our campaign:

1. To keep Pantycelyn Hall open as the only specified Welsh accommodation.

2. Pantycelyn Hall is a stronghold of the Welsh language and home to a viable Welsh community.

3. Penglais Farm is totally unsuitable for the Welsh community while Pantycelyn’s architecture is ideal.”

Despite Aberystywth University’s statement on the matter, which explains the suitability of the new £45m Penglais Farm residences and their commitment to increasing Welsh Medium provision, the fight to keep Pantycelyn continues, with signatories climbing daily – most recently from Ffred Ffransis and Bethan Williams from Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg (the Welsh Language Society), and Assembly Members Rhun ap Iorwerth and Elin Jones.