Ikkyo Aberystwyth Karate Club Takes Home The Bling!

Christian Dickenson 4th right and Christopher Davies 3nd right upon receiving their medals, pictured with Sensei Frank Brennan.

Christian Dickenson (4th right) and Christopher Davies (3rd right) upon receiving their medals, pictured with Sensei Frank Brennan.

CONGRATULATIONS are in order for Meleri Pryse and Steven Bailey from Ikkyo Aberystwyth Karate Club. Both students were selected to represent Wales in the European Championships, which took place in Portugal. They travelled with their Chief Instructor, Welsh Squad Kata Coach Paul James (5th Dan) on Thursday 21st of November to spend a day training before the competition started on Friday 22nd of November.

Competition was fierce on the first day, with Meleri Pryse winning round after round before finally winning a hard-fought place in the final. She performed a near-perfect kata, eventually taking home the silver. She was also a member of the Ladies Team Kumite (fighting) event, who all fought well, winning a place in the finals. They were eventually beaten by the host country’s team, despite a very strong showing, and won the bronze medal.

On the second day, fighting spirits were even higher, and it was the turn of Steven Bailey. He won a number of rounds in the Junior Male Kata event, before facing the reigning champion during the final round in his area. Winning this round would have taken him to the Semi Finals. Unfortunately, Steven’s competitor was on form again, and won with a split decision.

Competitors are permitted to enter their own age category, as well as the category above. Meleri, despite being a cadet, bravely entered the Junior Female Kata event and gave an incredible performance, eventually placing 6th overall in the competition. Steven also entered the category above his own, performing well in the Senior Male Kata event, though unfortunately not winning a place in the Semi Finals. Both students train incredibly hard and their accomplishments just show how worth it all their hard work was.

Congratulations also go to other students of Ikkyo Aberystwyth Karate Club – earlier in November, there had been another opportunity for members to show off their skills at the KUGB Student Championships in Chesterfield. Anna Newbold, Christian Dickenson, Ivan Mitov, Jonathan Eve, Stefani Dritsa and Steven Bailey from Aberystwyth University’s club competed, as well as Christopher Davies and Rostislav Revako from the main dojo based at Penweddig School.

All competitors performed well on the day, with our team kata, consisting of Anna Newbold, Christian Dickenson and Stefani Dritsa, taking 5th place overall, and narrowly missing out on a place in the final. Rostislav Revako took bronze in the Men’s Black Belt fighting (kumite) event. Two of our members went head-to-head in the Men’s 7th-1st Kyu Kata event, with Christian Dickenson walking away with a bronze medal, and Christopher Davies taking home the silver. Finally Steven Bailey performed exceptionally well in the Men’s Black Belt Kata event, winning the silver.

The club is now preparing for their grading and Christmas Awards night, both of which are coming up in December, and are looking forward to welcoming new members in the New Year, when the ever-popular Beginner’s Course will be running. If you want to apply for the course, please contact us – [email protected]