Council forced to make £9.3mil cuts

Council offices, Aberaeron Photo - Humphrey Bolton

Council offices, Aberaeron
Photo – Humphrey Bolton

CEREDIGION COUNTY COUNCIL need to achieve a total savings of £9.3mil which is likely to results in library closures, increased school class sizes and voluntary retirement and redundancy.

A council tax rise of 5% is being proposed alongside service cuts including the closure of Borth’s Tourist Information Centre, libraries in Tregaron and New Quay- for which mobile libraries were suggested, and reductions in road cleaning and green verge cutting services.

Director of sustainable communities, Huw Morgan stated:  “We’re going to have to look at providing minimum standards that are sufficient to protect public safety.”

Pensioners subscribed to the Meals at Home service could also see increases in their meal prices from £3.50 to £5 in an effort to meet additional staff related costs.

Ellen ap Gwynn, Council leader, stated that the authority was prepared for the backlash but was adamant that these substantial cuts were necessary because of the funding cuts from the Welsh Government.

Cllr ap Gwynn said: ‘We’re not doing this because we want to do it. I didn’t become leader because I wanted to cut services. We’re going to have a backlash. This won’t appeal to everyone but it’s something were going to have to work through.’