Students’ Union launch new Sports Executive

The Students' Union - Tomos Nolan

The Students’ Union – Tomos Nolan

THE STUDENTS’ Union has, this week, launched a new Sports Executive scheme to help represent sports clubs within the Union. The student-led group will be responsible for the development and strategic direction of all the AberSU sports clubs. They will assist sports clubs in implementing their own strategy as well as coordinating the overall strategy of sports clubs within the Union. They will also be able to propose policy at Union assemblies and raise the issues facing sports clubs.

The Executive consists of five members; Dafydd Jonathon, acting as Welsh Officer for the group, who’s job will be to ensure that the Welsh language is fairly represented within all AberSU sports clubs. He aims to make social media translation easier for sports clubs as well as investigating the possibility of introducing the Welsh Officer as a committee role within sports clubs. You can contact him at [email protected].

Maisie Home will be the RAG Officer for the Executive. She aims to get the sports clubs far more involved in fundraising than they already have been. She will ensure that all clubs applying for a grant will have to take part in RAG week to fulfil their need to receive it. She will also hold a ‘Team Aber does RAG Week’ in the run up to Varsity which will see sports teams raise more money than ever before. You can contact her at [email protected].

Jamie Martin is the new Publicity and Marketing Officer for the Sports Executive. His job is to promote Team Aber throughout the University. He will do this by producing a report each semester on the success of our sports clubs. This will be released on the 13th December. He will also work hard to ensure that sports clubs know of all the support available to them. He can be contacted via [email protected].

President of the Badminton club, Emily Magnus, is the BUCS Officer. Her main focus will be to individually assess all of the BUCS sports teams to ensure that they are all contributing to the Union in a positive way. She will also try to ensure that BUCS teams that do not compete every week get access to the same opportunities as all other teams. She can be contacted at [email protected].

Jason Murphy is the Non-BUCS Officer for the Executive. His role is to ensure that the non-BUCS sports teams get fair representation within the Union. His aims are to increase membership of these teams by 20% in the New Year and also, by the end of the year, to have had one non-BUCS team compete in BUCS competition. His contact information is [email protected].