Digs Cup draw in full

THE ABERYSTWYTH Digs Football League cup draws took place tonight (27th). The draws for both the second round of the Aberystwyth Town Cup and the first round of the Consolation Shield were broadcast live on Bay TV. The games will be played on various dates beginning on the 1st December. The highlight of the draw is a repeat of last years play off final between We Hate Ben FC and Obi Wan Kenobi Nil FC.

The full draws are as follows:

Aberystwyth Town Cup – Second Round

CPD Y Geltaidd v Pathetic Athletic
Notinher Forest v FC Hammer
Sex Panthers v Shakhtar LastNight
Academic Athletic v Presitge Worldwide FC
We Hate Ben FC v Obi Wan Kenobi Nil FC
CPD Premiership Pornstars v Abertina FC
Internazionale United v AC A Little Silhouette of Milan
FC Inter Yournan v Bassett’s Allsort Army

Consolation Shield – First Round

S.E.S. v Toke City FC
SH Pandas v Ivory Toast
FC Beaver v Aber Kadabra
Aberzaijan FC v Borussia Teeth
Commodore FC v Athletico Bil-Banter
Aber Lions v Aberconda
FCLMA and Goal Diggers were awarded a bye to the next round where the losers of the Aber Town Cup second round will join the competition.