Students’ Union shop implements £5 minimum card charge

THE STUDENTS’ Union Shop have announced the increase of the minimum charge on card purchases to £5 (from £2, effective as of Monday (18th).

The Students' Union - Tomos Nolan

The Students’ Union – Tomos Nolan

The following notice was placed at each till point for three weeks prior to the change to allow students time to adapt:

‘Nodyn i gwsmeriaid, o Dachwedd 18fed ymlaen, mi fydd yn rhaid i chi wario o leiaf £5 er mwyn talu gyda cherdyn.
Would customers please be aware that from the 18th of November the minimum purchase amount for payment by card will be £5.’

The shop has stated that despite trying to maintain a  “balance between running as a business and making a profit (which is then put back into the student experience), whilst providing a convenient and affordable service for Aber students”, the profit margin, which is supposed to cover the costs of running the shop (staff wages, building costs, equipment and so forth) was not enough. One of the charges they pay is a credit and debit card fee.

It was highlighted that some of the offers such as the meal deals are such good bargains that the profit margin was not adequate enough to cover the card charge that the shop had to pay, in some circumstances, even losing the shop money. With many payments being card transactions, the previous minimum of £2 was causing them to lose money. Students now have the option of paying via by cash for purchases below the new minimum, or paying a 50p credit surcharge should they prefer to use thier card.

The shop have stated that while they are aware that it may be less convenient for students to have this transaction limit, the SU finance department will ensure that £10 notes will be sufficiently stocked in the cash point directly opposite it.

A spokesperson for the shop said “We do understand that this decision may not be popular with some students, but I hope that by explaining the reasons why we felt it was necessary, our customers will able to appreciate why we have implemented this minimum card spend.”