Hard-working Tarannau go down to Swansea Titans

ON A CRISP, bright Sunday afternoon down on Blaendolau playing field, Tarannau took on high flying Swansea Titans looking to avenge their 64-0 annihilation in the reverse fixture last season. With Nick Greaves, Matt Goring, Curtis Williston and Matt Robert selected to be captains, Tarannau won the toss and chose to receive the ball with the hope that the offense would open up the game with a bang.

Photo taken by Melissa Sarson

Photo – Melissa Sarson

A booming kick from the Swansea number 14 sent the ball into the end zone and forced the Tarannau Returner to bring the offense onto the field from the 20 yard line. Mistakes and penalties cost Tarannau as they managed just one first down before being forced to punt the ball back to the Titans. Titans took over on their own 40 yard line and quickly punched holes in the Tarannau defence with a strong running game, the drive ended in a 20 yard touch down for the Swansea number 26; however, the 2pt conversion was missed leaving the game at 6-0.

Tarannau’s offense continued to struggle to move the ball throughout the first quarter with penalties and mistakes allowing Swansea to reclaim the ball, following a punt, and score again. The 2pt conversion was good this time, leaving the score at 13-0 to the Titans.

Tarannau did not let their heads go down however, and this eventually paid dividends as excellent blocking allowed GB RB Curtis Williston to begin to get a hold in the game. Good running from Williston and Josh Culling brought Tarannau into the Swansea red zone. Some strong blitzing from the Titans defence saw a 4th down TD attempt fall short and Titans reclaimed the ball on downs.

The Tarannau defence came out all-guns-blazing and some great performances from Nick Greaves, Josh Mews and linebackers Smith and Brogden saw Tarannau shut down Titan’s running game and keep the score at 13-0 into half time. Going into the second half the Tarannau defence continued to nullify the Swansea running game and the offense was brought onto the field.

Some more solid running from Culling and Williston saw the offense march up the field to score on a 25 yard run play from Williston, only to be brought back on a penalty for holding. The game became a defensive battle for much of the second half with both teams struggling to make attacking plays. A big performance from Andy Stone helped Tarannau pin Swansea back before a big hit from Cian Cooper forced a fumble from the Titans RB. Mews recovered the fumble to allow the Tarannau offense onto the field.

Excellent blocking from the line and allowed FB Josh Culling to pound the ball into the end zone for a 4 yard score. The 2pt conversion was missed, however, leaving the score at 13-6 to Swansea with only 7 minutes left on the clock. Sensing a comeback, Swansea were silent from the kick off, however they kept their composure and put together a big return all the way to the Tarannau 35 yard line. A perfectly executed play action pass found a wide open receiver and he raced into the end zone, crushing Tarannau’s hopes of a comeback. With the score at 19-6 and only 4 minutes left on the clock, Tarannau’s players were feeling battered and bruised. Swansea took full advantage and put 3 very fast scores on the Aberystwyth team, leaving the final score 33-6.