Ceredigion launches ‘Think Safe Drink Safe’ & annual Flu immunisation campaigns

Interactive Unit Calculator - NHS

Interactive Unit Calculator – NHS

MONDAY (18th) saw the start of Alcohol Awareness Week – in tune with the campaign launched by various government bodies to inform the public about the many aspects and dangers of alcohol.

Hywel Dda Health Board, Dyfed Powys Police, Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire Councils, Carmarthenshire Community Safety Partnership and Public Health Wales have all joined together for this campaign.

The ‘Think Safe Drink Safe’ campaign will be themed over the next few weeks running to Christmas, and is set to cover a number of issues relating to alcohol, such as ‘keeping yourself safe from violent crime’ to ‘keeping yourself safe from alcohol related illnesses’ and ‘keeping yourself safe on a night out’.

Teresa Owen, Director of Public Health at Hywel Dda Health Board, said: “This campaign is very much about encouraging people to think about alcohol and increasing their knowledge and awareness of its effects. It’s not about telling people to stop drinking but it is about asking them to pause and consider what they can do to reduce the risks and harm from alcohol misuse”.

“We want to see as many conversations as possible about alcohol and its role in society going on over the next six weeks and there will be many ways that people can get involved in the campaign”.

The NHS recommends that men drink no more than 3-4 units a day and women no more than 2-3 units a day and that you have at least two alcohol-free days every week.

The NHS website provides informative guidelines on units and an interactive unit calculator. It is also recommend that if you do have a heavy drinking session that you should avoid alcohol for the 48 hours which follow.

Superintendent Ian John, of Dyfed Powys Police stated: “We want people to enjoy themselves but to do so safely and lawfully. During the festive celebrations it can be easy to forget to be sensible and we do see an increase in crime and anti-social behaviour at this time of year”.

“One of the main causes of that are often, people drinking a little too much alcohol. The majority of people drink sensibly, but there is a minority who don’t know when to stop. This can often lead to other problems such as anti-social behaviour and crime including violent crime, domestic abuse, drink-driving and sometimes even sexual assault. It’s great that all agencies are working together to get this important message across.”

More information on drinking safely can be found here, via the ‘alcohol’ window.

injectionThe Annual Flu Immunisation Programme was also launched and is set to ensure that those who need the vaccination get free protection each year against the flu virus.

This is being provided by GP practices for everyone aged 65 and over, people with certain long term health conditions and pregnant women.

The campaign encourages carers who are worried about the health risk posed to their person of care by the flu to talk to their GP about receiving a free flu jab this winter.

This year for the first time a flu nasal spray vaccine is being offered to children who were two or three years old on 1 September and school year 7 pupils. The younger children will have the spray in their GP practice and Year 7 children will receive their nasal spray vaccine in school.

Each year the flu vaccine is changed to match any new circulating strains of the flu virus. Most free NHS flu vaccines are given in GP surgeries, but are also available in some community pharmacies.

So if you’re entitled to a free vaccination, protect yourself and someone you care for this winter by asking your GP for your free flu jab.