NUS Conference to be held in Aber tomorrow

THE NUS WALES Zone Conference is taking place tomorrow, Thursday 21st November, in the Students’ Union at 10:30 am.

NUS Wales is celebrating its 40th anniversary this winter, featuring its return to Aberystwyth University – the conference location of its inaugoration.

Up for discussion are some of the big issues facing education in Wales, such as devolution, the future of post-16 education, and the Welsh language.

Photo - NUS connect

Photo – NUS connect

April McMahon, the Vice Chancellor of Aber Uni, will be sitting on the debating panel along with Lleu Williams of UK: Changing Union, Owain Llyr ap Gareth of the Electoral Reform Society, and Stephanie Lloyd- the President of NUS Wales, who will also be giving the opening and closing remarks.

The conference will include a discussion developing ideas on the aforementioned issues, and advice on how to develop these into effective policies which can be then proposed at the NUS Wales Conference in March.

There will also be elections for three new members of the Wales National Executive Committee (who create and implement policy), and for two new members of the Democratic Procedures Committee (who ensure that democratic events run smoothly).

Elected delegates representing Aber Students’ Union include Laura Dickens, Bridie Sedgebeer, and Josh James.  Grace Burton, who is a member of the NUS Wales National Executive Committee, and Union President Ioan Rhys Evans will also be present.

The conference will include an update on the work that NUS Wales have been doing and provide insight into future developments.

Translation equipment is set to be provided for all delegates to enable full participation through both Welsh and English.