Excitement at an all-time high as the Day of the Doctor approaches

Doctor WhoAS WE APPROACH the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, anticipation is mounting, with speculation flooding the both the online and real life worlds with veteran Whovians and relative newbies alike gossiping about what might be.

Who-fever even hit Aberystwyth as the TARDIS, K9 and a Dalek all visited yesterday. With only a few days left to go before the big event, it’s fair to say that the excitement is almost palpable!

As well as all that, the mini-episode The Night of the Doctor was released last week, and it’s only served to further wet our appetites for what is to come!

Tom Davies gives his view of  the mini-episode The Night of the Doctor:

Upon announcing a few weeks ago that there would be a minisode to act as a prequel to The Day of the Doctor, the BBC were in my opinion very cheeky indeed. They announced that, unlike the 50th Anniversary special, there would be just one incarnation of the famous Time Lord appearing in The Night of the Doctor, but remained tight-lipped as to which it would be. Naturally, this set the Whovian community alight with speculation with most people betting on John Hurt to be the incarnation shown. Most fans wanted a bit of an insight regarding the whole Hurt-is-an-incarnation-of-the-Doctor-but-not-really-a-Doctor business, and boy oh boy did we get more than we’d hoped for.

Without giving too much away (just watch the thing for goodness’ sake, it’s six minutes long!), the Doctor that does appear is one hell of a surprise. I allowed myself a tiny scream of excitement at the moment of the big reveal, because I myself had never actually seen too much of this Doctor before. It’s a serious nod to the past of the show, which is after all what the whole 50th Anniversary is all about. The minisode also crams an awful lot of significant plot information into just a few minutes, to the extent that I would call The Night of the Doctor absolutely necessary viewing before watching the big show on Saturday. It gives us a dark but most importantly a new perspective of the events of the Time War and at the shadowy past of the Doctor that has been alluded to ever since the revival of the series back in 2005.

Hats off to Steven Moffat on this occasion (not something I’d often say); the concept, the writing and the casting for this minisode are all magnificent and have contributed massively to the ‘hype train’ surrounding the Big 50. Just my opinion of course, but I challenge anybody to watch the episode and not feel ridiculously excited afterwards.

Andrew Simpson gives a brief look at The Day of the Doctor:

The Doctor Who 50th Special seems to have come around rather quickly. It doesn’t seem like long ago we first met Matt Smith and with the announcement earlier this year of his replacement, Peter Capaldi, it is safe to say that we are getting our fair share of Who events. This one however looks to be one of the best TV events of the year (to say the least!). One of the most exciting parts to this is that there will be both Matt Smith and David Tennant taking a starring role. The return of Tennant has, naturally,  thrilled fans and made the whole episode that more interesting! Whether you are a Smith or Tennant fan (or both), it sure will be interesting to see them side by side with their own unique takes on the worldwide known role.

The return of Tennant is also coupled with the return of Billie Piper (presumably) as Rose Tyler, who is considered by some to the most known, and most popular companion since it began again in 2005. Her appearance in the latest trailer shows her to a lot darker than we remember her, leading to further questions as to what her involvement will be. You can see the trailer below, which gives an array of scenes to look forward to and boy does it  look good! A personal favourite was what appears to be the scene where Smith’s Doctor and Tennant’s Doctor first meet.

With some questions answered in the mini-episode as to who John Hurt’s ‘War Doctor’ is, our appetites are sated for now. Yet it begs the questions, as a reveal of the magnitude of what we learned about the War Doctor, what on earth (and space, and time) will they throw at us on Saturday… Personally I can’t wait!

The Day of the Doctor is showing on BBC One and BBC HD at 7:50pm this Saturday. Alternatively you can see it on the big screen in (3D!) at Aberystwyth Arts Centre – see here for more details.