ASM launches ‘News at 10’ programme TONIGHT on Bay TV

ASM's News at 10 on Bay TV Photo - Rowan Hazard

ASM’s News at 10 on Bay TV

This evening will see the launch of Aber Student Media’s first News program, set to go online at 10pm this evening via Bay TV.

The ‘News at 10’ will be covering relevant Uni, Town and International News and Sport.

ASM’s Tv Manager Rhian Hughes has said that despite several challenges Bay TV is officially up and running, and the launch of the News at 10 is just the beginning.

Bay Tv News Team in Studio Photo - Mitch Rushton

Bay Tv News Team in Studio
Photo – Mitch Rushton

The ‘News at 10’ will available via the Bay TV’s Channel on Youtube, which can be found here.

Special thanks is extended to independent Graphics and Animation Designer  Mr. Rowan Hazard from South-East Kent who has gone above and beyond himself to assist ASM and Bay TV in this exciting new venture.

UPDATE RECEIVED 9:58pm – Due to technical difficulties the first ‘News at 10’  will not be available this evening, but tomorrow evening at 10pm (Sat 16th). Rhian has stated that these issues are currently being resolved and has said “I can reassure everyone that this is the first and last time that this will happen.”