Reginald D. Hunter: a satisfying talk

reginald-d-hunter-in-the-midst-of-crackers_31435THE TITLE says it all: Reginald D. Hunter in the midst of crackers, as in white people. And that’s exactly what the show is about.

But first: the warm-up comic, Pete Johansson. He started off slow, but he’s a decent comic; someone to watch out for in the coming months. Not to reinforce the stereotype but his comic style is very “Canadian”, according to the stereotype that he himself brought up. He’s racy in a very apologetic way. He doesn’t hit the subject of race directly, rather he dances around it and dangles the subject in front of his audience like he’s baiting a giant bear with some fish. It’s a decent attempt but he seems apprehensive in approaching the subject whereas he could definitely push it a bit more to get the laughs out from me. A definite future star.

Now onto the main event and, it has to be said, Hunter’s in rare form, in more ways than one. He hits the funny bone just perfectly, rattling out punchlines with accuracy but, at the same time, he’s dishing out some heavy-handed life lessons through his family stories and anecdotes. It’s less like watching a comedy show and more like talking to your funny uncle about life. He touches on the subject of race and sensitivities very much through his perspective and never comes off as preachy. He just says his thing and ends it with a good punchline. But, unlike most comics, he makes you very invested in what he’s trying to say; the comedy feels like the cherry on top.

He very much does his show as if nobody else is there, and it’s just you and him sat in a quiet pub having a one-on-one. It’s a nice change of pace from the usual energetic comics that aim for the crowd. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea and it’s definitely not what most people expected, but you leave the theatre feeling that you’ve learned a lot, which in itself is a peculiar feeling when leaving an established stand-up comedy show.

It feels very pretentious writing about a comedy show like this, but Reginald D. Hunter is a very intelligent comic and it shows. He touches on the subject of race, sexuality and even rape, but he doesn’t revel in the vulgarity and the raciness of it all.

Rather, he tells you how he approaches the subject as a person, and he shares that knowledge. It’s a very satisfying talk.

It also happens to be incredibly funny.