Storm warning issued for Wales

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Photo – Tomos Nolan

AMBER ALERT WEATHER WARNINGS have been issued by the Met Office for a potential storm to hit Wales on Sunday evening and last throughout the entirety of Monday (28th).  They stated that the public is advised to ‘take extra care’ and should be cautious of surface flooding as heavy rain showers are due to be persistent and potentially destructive.

Forecasters are assertive that a storm with wind speeds of more than 80mph will hit Britain with the potential to cause structural damage to trees and disruption to transport and power supplies. It has been warned that in coastal areas this will lead to very large waves and therefore harsh tidal crashes. Students who are located on the Seafront in Aberystwyth should be particularly attentive.

Although the route of the storm is unclear, it has been advised that the public should keep an eye on weather updates and ‘be prepared’.

Further information and advice can be found here: