Aberystwyth students march against ivory trade

elephantsOn 4th of October a group of students from Aberystwyth participated in a march against ivory trade.

The march was a part of The International March for Elephants, a peaceful demonstration uniting numerous cities across the globe to fight against killing those incredible mammals. Last year up to 36,000 elephants were killed for their ivory, which means that one elephant is killed every 15 minutes. Recognizing the need for greater global awareness of this illegal trade, a group of young people from our town joined in solidarity to show a great outcry for the social and environmental issues.

The idea of launching such an event was proposed by second year student, Ewelina Kolakowska, an active particpant and organiser for social activities in Aberystwyth. The march, which left from the Arts Centre and finishined  in the bandstand, where the protestors were greeted with an eye-catching fire-show prepared by local artists.

Despite adverse weather conditions, many students and locals joined the demonstration, marching enthusiastically down the hill and attracting attention of passersby. One of the goals on the march was to collect as many signatures as possible for a petition claiming that ‘only Elephants should wear ivory’, which was sent directly to the campaign headquarters in California after the march.

Students managed to get over one hundred signatures, which is a promising result considering the small population of Aberystwyth. This kind of event was the first one organized worldwide in the response to the increasing rate of poaching African Elephants, which estimates that they may be completely extinct by 2025.

Organisers of the event expressed their hopes that in the following years  more people will be involved in similar activities which would lead to a complete ban of the illegal wildlife trade.