The Vaccines: Melody Calling – a new sound from the acclaimed indie band

The-Vaccines - Melody CallingIF YOU were expecting the Vaccines’ to return with even more danceable indie-rock tunes to help you cope with your teenage angst then you may be disappointed; Melody Calling is exactly what you would expect from the Vaccines and for all the right reasons. Following a two-year stretch of touring venues and festivals the world over, this EP comes as a very logical step for the London-based lad-rock quartet to take.

Whilst What Did You Expect From The Vaccines? and Come of Age both demonstrated the band’s ability to produce a catalogue of catchy singles with an elegant mixture of structural simplicity and technical complexity, it seems that Melody Calling comes as a preview into the variety of new styles that we can expect from their next full-length album.

Audibly the band have fallen under the magical West Coast spell, the tracks having been laid down at Eldorado Studios in Burbank, L.A. with producers John Hill and Rich Costey of Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand fame. The title track was released with a brilliantly directed music video worth several watches, whilst the track itself boasts an opening acoustic riff that blends into echoing lead notes that would make any seasoned beachgoer swoon. Alongside this is Justin’s more melodious singing style that is accompanied throughout the chorus with a harmony of backing vocals that prove a stark difference from anything we’ve heard yet.

‘Do You Want a Man?’ definitely hangs on a feeling of nostalgia, boasting a post-Black Keys yearning for that bluesy consistency of washed out guitars and thudding steady bass-lines; a definite listen for anyone yearning for a mellow afternoon in.

The closing track ‘Everybody’s Gonna Let You Down’ smacks of a late 90’s Weezer-inspired song that should be featured on Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and whilst that analysis may at first shock any veteran fan of the Vaccines I implore you to fear not, your favourite post-punk revival indie lads are still making excellent music. This new EP comes with a new sound that should silence any critics of the band as another in a line of hipster acts; this collection is much more laid back than any previous sounds by the band, and we shall have to wait for a full release to see if we’ll have any blood-pumping singles to be yelling out of our drunken lungs at all hours.

  • Rating: 8/10
  • Strong Points: Dynamic new sound with a hint of nostalgia.
  • Weak Points: The title track is the only stand out song.
  • Recommend Listens: Palma Violets, Childhood, Best Coast.