Plaid Cymru policies announced for 2016 election

Leanne_WoodPLAID Cymru have announced the first of their new policies for the 2016 General Election at the Party Conference at Aberystwyth Arts Centre today (11th October).

If elected, a non-profit energy company termed “Ynni Cymru/Energy Wales” is to be formed, following the success of the formation of Dŵr Water after the failed privatisation of Welsh Water, Wood commenting “if markets are failing the public, then it’s time the public took back the market”. This is as a result of a 73% increase in the profits of the energy companies in the last three years, along with Wales paying more for their electricity than customers in England and Scotland despite being a net producer of energy.

Party leader Leanne Wood also launched a series of attacks upon the current Welsh Labour Government pointing to a “Poverty of Politics” currently existing saying that “this country so badly needs fresh thinking”.

In order to tackle the obesity and diabetes problem in Wales, a 20p per litre levy on “sugary drinks” sold in Wales was also proposed. 1,000 more doctors will be employed in order to bring Wales up to the U.K average of doctors per patient, in an alternative to hospital centralisation.

A rent control for the private rented sector during the next Assembly term if there is a Plaid Cymru Government was proposed, aiming to tackle the 5% rise in rent that has taken place in the last year. Wood told the Conference “the Party of Wales wants to see living wages for Welsh workers, but we also have to see living rents that do not eat up a family’s entire disposable income”.

Pledges were also made to cut business rates for businesses with a rateable value of less than £15,000 a year, in order to help 83,000 business, with the majority paying no rates at all. 50,000 jobs are also to be created, with Plaid Cymru hoping for the Youth Employment Guarantee from some parts of the European Union to be available in Wales.

With Wales being 38th and 40th in the world for literacy and numeracy rates respectively, the worst in the UK and one of the worst in Europe. Wood also aims to put Wales into the top 10 in Europe for both rates after the end of a two-term Plaid Cymru government.

In her keynote speech to those in attendance at the annual conference, Wood slammed the “sixteen unbroken years of Labour control of health, education and economic future” resulting in 23% of the population being below the official EU at risk threshold for Poverty, more than Greece, Ireland and Romania.

The conference, which is taking place in the Arts Centre, will continue today until 4:30 and tomorrow from 09:30-12:30 and 13:30-16:30.