TFTS students recruited for film production

DSC_0121STUDENTS from the department of Theatre, Film and Television Studies (TFTS) department have been involved in the production of a film in Aberystwyth.

The production company, Next Page Productions, who are filming for their Nigerian-based film entitled Dry, focuses around the story of about a doctor who travels to Africa and exposes the serious issues of forced underage marriage and the medical implications of underage child-birth.

The opening scenes were originally meant to be shot in Los Angeles, but were moved to Aberystwyth by producer Akanimo Odon.

Odon, an Aberystwyth graduate, said he was “excited to return” to his University town and expressed his hopes that Aberystwyth could one day become a “prime movie location.” Speaking about his choice to film in Aberystwyth, he named “the sea, a beach, castles and beautiful buildings” as the main reasons.

He invited students from the TFTS department to be both trained and work on set, who he subsequently praised, describing them as his “dream team” and expressed his enthusiasm to invite students if he were to return for a future project.

Murtza Ali Ghaznavi, a representative from the University who was working alongside with the production team said “This is not only a great opportunity for the University, but also a great opportunity for our students… Law students get to attend court, our TFTS students deserve this opportunity to work with an actual production company – we’re glad to have them.”

Ewelina Kolakowska, one of the students involved, said: “working on the film set of Dry gave me more than I could ever expect.  It was a memorable adventure”. Pamela Coller, who worked along the head set designer recounted her experience as “one of the best in my life… It was a direct dive into the film industry and a shining example of how demanding it can be.”

As well as the training the students received, they will also have their name featured in their credits and receive a reference for their work.