MUSIC: Foals’ ‘Holy Fire’

foalsFOALS have been growing in acclaim with each album they bring out, and Holy Fire may not break any records but it once again puts Foals back in the charts and with energetic tracks like ‘Inhaler’ and ‘My Number’ front running this album, they are a sure bet for the festival season this year.

With Holy Fire reaching No.2 in the charts in the UK it was a commercial success and is sure to have widened their fan base and will give them a headliner status.

The first single from the album Inhaler, won the award for best track at the NME awards this February. While ‘My Number’ reached 23 in the UK Singles Chart which is the highest charting single to date.

The latest single from the album, ‘Late Night’ was released on Monday 22nd April. This almost confessional piece is one of the centre points to the album, giving insight into lead singer Yannis Philippakis life problems and how through the music he is trying to find his way, which is well achieved in this slow burning, soulful tune. This new focusing of the lyrics by Yannis shows how he and the band have developed from the previous album.

Despite this commercial success, the album sometimes feels like they are trying too hard to make it sound good in live performances, causing some tracks to lack in real hard hitting lyrics, making them lack real tune. The second half of the album particularly seems to fall flat, though with repeat listens the record does come more to life.

Foals are still sure to sell out when they tour with Holy Fire, as it’s still a real emotive crowd pleaser which makes them one of Britain’s latest more successful bands, particularly as they become wiser with age.